Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Review of LATME Electric Scalp Head Massager with Vibration Mode Portable Handheld with Deep Tissue Kneading Stimulating Hair Growth Stress Release

I was asked to review some products for a company and I hesitantly said yes, I'm so glad I did!!! Though I was asked I was not persuaded in any way on what to write, this is my honest opinion!

When this little jewel arrived I had a bad allergy related headache. I immediately charged it fully so that I could try it out. I don't know how to describe it except as heaven in a small box! It was sooo relaxing, I took an Advil, used the massager and laid down. Now, it could have been a combination of my treatment but when I woke up my headache, that I had been battling all day was gone.

I tend to have headaches at night and I always have a sore neck and stiffness the next morning. My husband suggested that I put the massager beside my bed and use it right before I go to sleep. I did and it totally works I feel that I relax and sleep much better plus I wake up with little or no soreness or stiffness.

As far as using it on the whole body I have a much stronger massager that I prefer for that.

About the product

  • Deep Scalp Massager-With 28 individual nodes and 3D Deep-Kneading, perfectly fit the scalp, hand-simulation, deep and fully massage head, Increase blood circulation to the scalp, boosting hair growth, promoting relaxation,releasing stress and relieving sore. Gets you to sleep soon.
  • Full body Tiredness Eliminator-28 Powerful 3D Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage nodes can relax and relieve pains on your back, neck, shoulder, waist, tights calves, foot, legs and arms. Helping you release stress, relieve sore and tight muscles and get relief on your whole body.
  • Waterproof & 4 Modes-Dry and wet dual purpose,IPX7 grade of waterproof, you can enjoy comfortable scalp massage while bathing, relaxing yourself thoroughly with 4-modes tension like a physical therapist.
  • Cordless and Rechargeable-One button operation, easy to use. Enjoy a perfect massage anywhere without an annoying wire, get a full charge one time and you will enjoy a two-hour massage. Relieve tension from your office, home or even your car. LEISURE WHEN YOU NEED IT.
  • Patented Hand-Simulation & Safety Protection: LATME Head Massager is custom-designed, total 28 contactors are perfectly fit the scalp, deep and fully massage head and body. FCC Certified, great ideal gift for men, women, parents and friends. With 1 year warranty.
So what are you waiting on? Click on this picture 

and order one for yourself today. You may want to order two my husband loves it also!

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