Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Continuation of our Christmas Story

On the way home from Missouri I guess I had the stomach flu. I thought at first I had been glutened but I was sick twenty four hours and then days after that. I called my daughter and told her due to my feeling sooo bad I wasn't going to be able to cook for Christmas Day as in the past. We went to their home early so that I could help her some but she and Ben had it all under control. They provided us with great meals and we mostly played with Punkin which we loved. So I felt bad that I didn't cook any of the dishes I always cook at Christmas but you know what? We made it just fine and I gained back the three pounds that I lost during my sickness.

We attended the Christmas Eve service at their church. They attend a really neat church and we love visiting there.

After church Ben made us all waffles for supper, here is my gluten free waffle, it was great!

On New Years Honey and I were home alone but after the going during the holidays we enjoyed this time too. We just relaxed, ate and watched football.

To see more photos of our Christmas in Mississippi look at the photos at the bottom of this page.

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Sasha Mitchell said...

Woah.... the gluten free waffle looks absolutely delicious!!!