Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Does pollen just attack girls?

Is the pollen going to kill us or just make us think we're dying? The girls in our family have been sick for months with something like a cold, but I really think it's mostly allergies, and the men haven't been sick one time. Maybe it's because the Lord knows the men need to keep on working. Ash and I took Punkin back to the doctor yesterday for the third time with this stuff. They did blood work and she does have a virus but the doctor said he too believes a lot of it is allergies. I was feeling fine and today my head is killing me.

Austin on the ride home after her blood work, she was such a big girl she didn't cry at all but her eyes sure got big.

On our way to the closing for our new house that we will soon make a home.

After we signed the papers we went to check out the farm. When I noticed how green our grass is I thought about the old song, "The Green Green Grass of Home."

Always work to get done.

Resting while waiting on Honey to finish his work, it's been a long day, but praise God for all He did! Honey brought me home then he returned to work some more while I work on packing up and getting ready to move.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Miracle Monday

 You may have gathered from the things that I have been sharing lately that Honey and I are beginning to write a new chapter in our book of life. We are so excited at how God is bringing all of this together.

We have been wanting to build or buy a home of our own since we married in 2003. At one time we laid the stakes and starting getting ready for the dirt work to begin and then we had a bad year in farming and we decided that we needed to wait just a little longer. During this time we prayed and sought God's direction on what He wanted us to do and we felt that maybe he was leading us in another direction but we really didn't understand where.

We bought farm land in the Delta and it turned out to be a great little farm in a wonderful community that we have grown to love. We started looking and praying about buying a house in this community close to our farm but it just never happened. As time has passed my environmental allergies have seemed to get worse and worse. Friends suggested we live away from the farm due to my allergies and we have agreed that this would be best. So we began to venture out and look at land for building or buying a house away from farm ground. Now, if you know anything about the Delta you know that this is hard to do because there is farm ground everywhere.

One night we were shopping for houses on the internet and we ran across a house in Carrollton, it wasn't near a farm, it was a large ranch style home with everything we could ever hope for in a house, it even had a covered pool. The next day Honey called the Realtor who had it listed and she told him all about it. He got off the phone excited and we took the virtual tour one more time before deciding that we were going to buy this house. Sometimes we make plans that may not be Gods plans. We may have been praying and seeking Him for a long time and think this is His will for us but God may have something different in mind, something that we don't always understand. When Honey called the Realtor back she told him that she had sold the house. We continued to work with the Realtor and looked at numerous homes.

During this time we ran across another house that we loved, it was a country home overlooking 10 acres of open yard with a small pond in a gated community. Honey and I just knew that this was our house, it was above our budget but had been on the market for three years so we made an offer! We waited and waited and the couple didn't accept our offer and they wouldn't counter offer so again God had put up a road block.

Once again we were on a journey looking for the perfect house. Last December our Realtor called and told Honey about three houses she had listed. One of the houses being in a nice community where we had visited several times and dreamed of one day living. Every time we drove through I would tell Honey, "it's not going to happen these people aren't going to sell and there's no land available for building". I'm so glad that God has a plan for us and that He knows more than we do. We have bought a house in the little community that we have dreamed of living in. It is away from farm land between where we are farming here and Inverness. It has several acres that are just beautiful and a small yard to keep up which is sounding better all the time. The final paperwork was done on Monday and I feel this is truly a God given miracle!

If we had not allowed God to place road blocks in our lives, if we had forced things to happen, if we had paid the higher price we would have missed out on the blessing that God had for us. We would not be moving into the community of our dreams. We would have had a large house payment with a yard that would be hard to keep up in the future.

We are excited not only for our future in our new home but for the future of our children. I love the quote "We have not inherited the earth from our ancestors, we have only borrowed it from our children."

In doing this we are praying that in the future we can slow down and spend more time with our children and grand-children whether they live in Mississippi, Indiana or Colorado.

Friday, March 26, 2010

An Afternoon with Austin

I watched Punkin for Ash to go paint her bunny plate (watch Ashia's blog here to read more about it) yesterday. We had a good time and stayed very busy. Here are photos of our time together.

We crawled a little. I guess it would classify as crawling it is a scoot, a hop, and a lay down to rest. My kind of crawling! :)

We had lunch and boy was it good. We ate every bite and then a little milk to wash it down.

Ahhh that was soo good!

I'm full Gammy, why are you taking more photos?

A little play time!

I'm so tired. She laid down to rest after her Gammy crawl and I put the blanket over her. It didn't last long but I was hoping!

A little cartoon time. Not again Gammy!

She has this new thing going on with her mouth no sound involved.

Kisses time!

Then it was snack time, mmmm I love these cookies!

We're on the road now to Dad's so tune in later for photos from his big event!

Thank you for dropping by and please come again soon!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I hope someone cares!

Ok. maybe after Monday I can tell you what's going on new in the Good household! Like an announcement for all the world to see, or for those who care. I hope someone cares!

Also, this weekend we are giving my Dad a 70th birthday party. He knows we'll be there to spend the weekend and take him out to eat but he doesn't know we've invited all of the family to meet us at Bridges Fish House in H'ville. I know he'll enjoy seeing and being with everyone. So if you are in the area drop in around 6:30 for a piece of birthday cake, believe me there's enough to go around. I'll post photos on this big event later.

Here's the only photo I have to share. Ash, Punkin and I went to Starkvegas and Columbus yesterday to do a little shopping.

I've learned that if you don't like to get attention don't go off with Punkin. You can't tell but her little shirt says I love Elvis. She was so cute and believe me EVERYONE noticed.

Better get off I am busy make Betty Crocker's Gluten Free cookies to take to home group tonight.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cure for Cold Sores

I have not blogged in a while have been sick with something like a sinus infection and it has taken a while to get over it.

Ash, Punkin and I just returned from Jackson where we attended the wedding of one of my nieces. I love weddings, the brides are always beautiful and it is such a happy occasion.

Punkin did great, she was taken completely out of her environment and off her schedule but she hung in there and made the best of it.  My Dad was able to carry her around his home church and show her off; you should have seen it he is a little bit proud of that baby girl. She is growing up so fast, I look to receive a call from Ash any day now that she is crawling.

We'll be going back to Jackson next weekend to celebrate Dad's 70th birthday. 

Punkin trying to crawl!

Ok, I need your help. I was feeling well enough to go with Ash but Thursday I had a fever blister to break out on my upper lip, nothing you could not cover it up with lipstick. Then Friday night I was washing my face and noticed three small blisters on my nose. Oh, NO I knew what this was, I tried to back out of going anywhere but Ash promised me that with my makeup they did not look bad. I'm sorry if you so me and thought I was absolutely gross looking. What do you do for fever blisters? I've been told to take Lysine so I'm doing that now. My allergy Doctor told me that fever blisters are a break down of the immune system and it's true just about every time I have them I end up sick. UGGG.

So please comment and tell me how you treat your cold sores.

New clue for what is going on in our life at this time....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!

Ok I'm not singing, but this is the truth. I have extremely dry skin, my hands and feet are the worse.  I keep a small hand cream in my purse at all times. Recently I was in Bath and Body Works and asked their recommendation for a hand cream. The girl said that everyone  liked "True Blue® Spa Shea Cashmere™ Hand Cream " so I bought a small one! I LOVE IT!!! After I apply it my hands feel like silk. This is one product that I'm sure I will be buying a lot more of!

Something else I love is......
"Kind" bars

Ben brought me a couple while he was in D.C. and they are wonderful. As soon as I have the chance I"m going to buy some more, I have eaten the two he brought me.

Thank you Ben!!!!!

As the days draw near to begin planting the fields once more I am reminded of a plaque I have. A dear friend passed this on to Steve and I and we love it.

It says......

I have been leaving clues to what is going on new in the Good household. Have you guessed it yet?  Here's another clue:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

GLuten Free Flapjacks just like Daddy use to make.

I've been really sick with the crud for several days now and have not done much of anything but I am feeling much better. I actually cooked a meal yesterday, not a gourmet meal by any means but it was substantial food that Steve and I had been missing. When I am sick I want one thing, and don't ask me why, and that is bread. Before going gluten-free I would make myself one piece of plain toast, but since going gluten-free toast doesn't appeal to me anymore.

Monday after going to the Doctor I ate a few bites of a sandwich before taking my medicine but that's all I could eat. Monday night I knew that Steve would take care of himself but I needed something that I could eat before taking my night time medicine. I was thinking back about my childhood and the things that I ate back then and the thought came to me flapjacks.

The Wikipedia encyclopedia says flapjack is
Another name for a thick pancake, particularly in United States and Canada

Flapjacks is what my Dad use to make sometimes for my brother and me for breakfast. So I thought why not, there has to be a way to make gluten-free flapjacks. I took my Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix and added some milk but I left it thick and fried it in a tablespoon of oil. It was sooo good, just like my Dad use to make.

I drizzled them with honey and ate some of my Mississippi State cheese with them. Ooohhhh they were good, even to a sick person. So maybe now I'll just have flapjacks when I have the blahs.

What's going on new in the Good household? Let me give you a hint....

Sorry that's all I can say at this time, but I will assure you there is more to come!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Excitement fills the air and I can't wait!

Syd is staying with us while Ashia and Ben are away for the weekend. We just got through taking a bath and she is asleep now in my lap. When she takes a bath she has a robe at home she wears because she is very cold natured. I didn't have the robe so I used her sweatshirt and wrapped her in a good thick blanket and she was fine.  Now that it is over I think she feels much better!

While in Indiana Mary told me of a new store in town and that it had a large selection of Gluten-Free items. Steve and I went and checked it out and I bought a few things that I needed wanted. I have already tried the Ian's Cinnamon Bun bars and I think I like them better than the Apple Pie ones. I can't wait to try the others.

We enjoyed our time in Indiana so much. Thank you George and Mary for always making us feel at home and for sharing your family with us!

Here are a few more photos that I took before we left.




Josh had Pepaw time often!

My girls have transferred from McDonald's to the Mac book. That's scary they are growing up too fast!

Just like Emma we had a hard time getting going on Thursday morning. We always enjoy our visits and hate it when they have to end.

Honey has been in the field today so I feel planting is just around the corner. In a way I look forward to it, again I love watching things grow. This year will be different; I have a lot of things going on and will be busier than normal. I sit back and wonder how can this be but then I think of the future and excitement fills the air. I can't wait!!! Keep tuned in so that you will know what is going on in our household in the near future.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

We arrived in Indiana safe and sound although it was late at night so we slipped in the house and tried not to wake up anyone. I hated the idea of not seeing my kids until the next morning but it was way too late for them.

Joshua is so much bigger than since we saw him last but we have each been getting in some loving time.

Josh watching cartoons or the colors changing on the TV?

His favorite place to sleep, his swing. He spends hours swinging, he'll wake up look around and go right back to sleep. Thank the Lord for swings! Notice his little mohawk, it's a natural not man made!

Emma with her new puppy.

After supper the girls each took a turn holding brother. 

Emma holding him and watching cartoons. He had about had enough.

We'll blog again later, keep Mary in your prayers she has her surgical  procedure in the morning. Pepaw and I will be in charge of all the children!