Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I hope someone cares!

Ok. maybe after Monday I can tell you what's going on new in the Good household! Like an announcement for all the world to see, or for those who care. I hope someone cares!

Also, this weekend we are giving my Dad a 70th birthday party. He knows we'll be there to spend the weekend and take him out to eat but he doesn't know we've invited all of the family to meet us at Bridges Fish House in H'ville. I know he'll enjoy seeing and being with everyone. So if you are in the area drop in around 6:30 for a piece of birthday cake, believe me there's enough to go around. I'll post photos on this big event later.

Here's the only photo I have to share. Ash, Punkin and I went to Starkvegas and Columbus yesterday to do a little shopping.

I've learned that if you don't like to get attention don't go off with Punkin. You can't tell but her little shirt says I love Elvis. She was so cute and believe me EVERYONE noticed.

Better get off I am busy make Betty Crocker's Gluten Free cookies to take to home group tonight.