Saturday, March 13, 2010

I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!

Ok I'm not singing, but this is the truth. I have extremely dry skin, my hands and feet are the worse.  I keep a small hand cream in my purse at all times. Recently I was in Bath and Body Works and asked their recommendation for a hand cream. The girl said that everyone  liked "True Blue® Spa Shea Cashmere™ Hand Cream " so I bought a small one! I LOVE IT!!! After I apply it my hands feel like silk. This is one product that I'm sure I will be buying a lot more of!

Something else I love is......
"Kind" bars

Ben brought me a couple while he was in D.C. and they are wonderful. As soon as I have the chance I"m going to buy some more, I have eaten the two he brought me.

Thank you Ben!!!!!

As the days draw near to begin planting the fields once more I am reminded of a plaque I have. A dear friend passed this on to Steve and I and we love it.

It says......

I have been leaving clues to what is going on new in the Good household. Have you guessed it yet?  Here's another clue: