Friday, March 5, 2010

Excitement fills the air and I can't wait!

Syd is staying with us while Ashia and Ben are away for the weekend. We just got through taking a bath and she is asleep now in my lap. When she takes a bath she has a robe at home she wears because she is very cold natured. I didn't have the robe so I used her sweatshirt and wrapped her in a good thick blanket and she was fine.  Now that it is over I think she feels much better!

While in Indiana Mary told me of a new store in town and that it had a large selection of Gluten-Free items. Steve and I went and checked it out and I bought a few things that I needed wanted. I have already tried the Ian's Cinnamon Bun bars and I think I like them better than the Apple Pie ones. I can't wait to try the others.

We enjoyed our time in Indiana so much. Thank you George and Mary for always making us feel at home and for sharing your family with us!

Here are a few more photos that I took before we left.




Josh had Pepaw time often!

My girls have transferred from McDonald's to the Mac book. That's scary they are growing up too fast!

Just like Emma we had a hard time getting going on Thursday morning. We always enjoy our visits and hate it when they have to end.

Honey has been in the field today so I feel planting is just around the corner. In a way I look forward to it, again I love watching things grow. This year will be different; I have a lot of things going on and will be busier than normal. I sit back and wonder how can this be but then I think of the future and excitement fills the air. I can't wait!!! Keep tuned in so that you will know what is going on in our household in the near future.