Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hormel Can Chicken Breast & General Mills

I am back in the hot Mississippi Delta this week. The camper is just now cooling off and I don't plan to heat it up again. I'm going to boil eggs and make a chicken salad to eat on a bed of lettuce for supper (yes supper I'm southern). I've bought Steve some crackers and I'll use my Ranch Rice snack cakes (bite size). I am using them rather than my usual "Glutano" brand Gluten-Free crackers due to calorie intake (although they are the BEST). Lately I am putting on the pounds, I hate to complain though because when I do it seems my stomach starts giving me problems and I can hardly eat (that hasn't happened in a while).

I'll be using "Harmel" caned chicken breast. Not only is it gluten-free it is 97% fat free, another plus for my summer meal.

Ok, lately I blogged about the sweet corn that we bought from the Delta. Ashia (my daughter) and I agree that is the sweetest corn we have EVER put in our mouths. It's like eating candy on a cob! A lot of people don't like it because they say it's too sweet, not us we can't get enough!

I recently read a blog More Gluten-Free Cereal from General Mills you need to read this. It not only tells you what General Mills is doing, it give you a list of the different cereals you can eat! I have been eating the Chex cereals for a long time and love them!!! I am sooo excited that many companies are recognizing the fact that many of us have to live gluten-free.

Take care of yourself friends you too can live Gracefuly Gluten-Free!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mississippi Delta Sweet Corn

I'm so thankful that our son and daughter live close by and were able to be with Steve on Father's Day, I was home in bed. Yes, another migraine! I went swimming and out to eat the night before and looking back it could have been several things that caused the headache. At the restaurant we ate at I sent my steak back because they had put bread on my plate and they said that I got a new steak. Now I wonder if maybe they just took the bread off and served it to me anyway. Also there is corn pollinating all around the house that we swam at so that could have been my problem. When I got home that night I took my usual Benadryl and went to bed. I take one Benadryl every night to help me with my allergies the next day. I woke up at 1am with a sinus headache so I got up and took some Advil and returned to bed. (Always a mistake!) By 4am I was up and thought I would die. I took my pillow to the recliner, heated my sinus pad (thanks again Sarah) and tried to rest a while. It didn't work so I got up and took 1-Excedrin migraine and headed back to the recliner. Around 6 I gave up, got up and took a relpax. After napping I finally got over it and was able to fry fish and fries for Steve that night, gluten-free of course and it was great.

Steve left on Monday afternoon to return to the Delta and I followed on Tuesday morning.

I had a short stay in the Delta this time but it was different as Don and Jan (Steve's cousins) came for the day on Wednesday and we ate at my favorite restaurant "Crystal Grill". I am always pleased with the food there, a lot for your money!

We bought this sweet corn while in the Delta, we were told that many people don't like it because it is too sweet so we had to buy some to try. I can't imagine Sweet Corn that is too sweet and I was sooo correct. It is wonderful, it is some sweeter than the type we raise here in Macon but to tell you the truth I like it better. I ate my share and promised to eat more in the NEAR future!!!!

I am home now with Sydney again. Ben and Ashia are working at a golf tournament in Jackson and will return home later on. I have spent some of my time cleaning house since no one was here but Syd and I. Syd has done well but anytime I open my bedroom door she runs in searching the room over for her favorite person (Steve)!

Steve got in LATE Friday night. Syd goes to bed from 9 to 10 but I tried keeping her up. When Steve drove in she knew the truck, she had a fit and was up for a while playing. Steve sat down to eat and the photo above shows her sitting on his leg watching him. I know she was begging for food but she doesn't leave his side when he's home.

Syd playing with Steve, she waisted no time. She usually sleeps late but not today she got up early and started kissing Steve on the ear etc until he got up too. She was ready for some playing time. I tell you this dog is too smart.

I hope to cook more soon and share my experience with you. We travel so much these days that there's no time for a lot of cooking and to tell you the truth it's just too hot. I did bake a roast to go with the sweet corn last night and now I have to think of something to go with it tonight. UMM maybe a simple green salad!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Taste of My Favorite Things

Happy Father's Day to all you men out there! I am so thankful for Steve and for the great father that he is to all our children!!!!

I wanted to post a blog but with it being so hot I have done little cooking these past few days. We have been eating light at lunch and then going out at night. So yesterday I was thinking what I really like about the Delta and thought I would share some of the facts with you.

The Delta

Tunica has gleaming casinos with resturants such as the famous "Lady and Son's" that features southern cuisine all the way from Savannah, Georgia.

Clarksdale - home to famous blues musicians and the world renowned Delta Blues Museum and the Hopson Plantation, one of the largest cotton farming operations in the South. There is also Morgan Freeman's blues club www.groundzerobluesclub.com/ or Madidi's www.madidires.com.

Cleveland - the Historic Crosstie Shopping District, offering an array of specialty shops, antique stores and cafes that serve down home southern cooking. One of our favorite is eating at "The Warehouse". http://www.visitclevelandms.com

Greenville - home to some of the country's great writers and a city that blends Native American history with the Blues, cotton and casino gaming.

Leland - the town that spawned one of the most popular Muppet characters, Kermit the Frog. Home to "Fat Baby's" steak and seafood restaurant.
Indianola, - a special place in blues music history - hometown of legendary Blues musician B.B. King, and home to one-of-a-kind Southern treats at the nationally recognized "Indianola Pecan House". www.pecanhouse.com "The Crown" it is so much more than a great place for lunch! It is an Art Gallery full of fabulous original Delta art, a Gift Shop filled with classic children’s toys and gifts for every occasion, a Bookstore shelving the best books about the Blues, the Delta and our favorite foods. And last but not least, it's home of Taste of Gourmet! You can buy the mixes and sauces they've created at The Crown and take them home to enjoy! And if you can’t make it for lunch, join them in the afternoon for Taste of Gourmet food samples and the best cup of coffee and pie you’ll have ever tasted. www.thecrownrestaurant.com Shop at "Young Ideas". Young Ideas is a specialty store that has been offering the Delta’s best in infant, girls, boys, juniors, and ladies clothing and gifts for almost 35 years. We offer a wide selection of merchandise, and we are known for outstanding service. http://youngideas.typepad.com

Inverness - 128 miles south of Memphis and 78 miles north of Jackson. The small town was virtually wiped away on February 21, 1971 when an F4 tornado struck portions of Louisiana and Mississippi. 36 people were left dead in rural Mississippi in the wake of the storm; 21 of the victims were from Inverness. Home to Good Farm's and the famous one and only "Hometown Restaurant".

Greenwood - discover the three "final resting places" of the enigmatic Robert Johnson, King of the Delta Blues. Unearth the mystery at the Greenwood Blues Heritage Museum & Gallery and find out how Southern hospitality and high-class comfort combine at the Alluvian Hotel and Spa. Take cooking classes at the "Viking Cooking School" or eat at our favorite restaurant "The Crystal Grill" home of the famous homemade pies.

Yazoo City - the land that inspired acclaimed author Willie Morris to share his childhood memories in My Dog Skip. Experience the town's history and culture at the Oakes African-American Cultural Center and visit some of the most beautiful antebellum homes in Mississippi.
Enjoy the traveler's Delta Travel Diary and then make plans to feel the Delta rhythm for yourself with a trip to through the Mississippi Delta. http://www.visitthedelta.com/

MSU info....

Those of you who know me know that I am an avid college basketball fan I like all sports but LOVE basketball. I had rather watch basketball (any college team) than anything else on TV. I've told my kids when I get old and can't get around much just subscribe to Directv's Full Court and I'll be happy! This week I read some excited news about one of our MSU Bulldogs. MSU's Varnado makes USA hoops team http://tinyurl.com/knts6w It will be exciting to see where the Dawgs take us this next season. I'm so thankful for my season tickets in the past and pray we are able to get them once again!

These are just a few of my favorite things. Look for more in the future.

What is one of your favorite things in Mississippi? Leave your answer in the comment section I'd love to know.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Easy Gluten-Free Pizza

I had a nice time with Syd (our grand-dog) and I am now back in the Delta with Steve. It is sooo humid and hot here so I'm not sure that I will be doing a lot of cooking. Tonight for supper we had homemade chicken salad and green salad with either ice cream or watermelon for dessert. When it is this hot we prefer meals to help us cool down.

During my time at home for breakfast one morning I had one of my favorite gluten-free meals. "Van's" frozen blueberry Waffles (the plain are also good). They are delicious and you can't get any easier! I buy them at the local Kroger but will only allow my self to have them a few times a year due to the calories.

After Steve got home for supper one night I made a gluten-free pizza. We had rather have the gluten-free version than the regular now. Of course it's been ages since I ate a regular pizza but Steve assures me that my gluten-free is better and I believe him! Here is my EASY gluten-free pizza way.

I use "Gluten-Free Pantry" french bread and pizza mix. It makes two 12" x 14" pizzas, so I use one immediately and freeze one for later use. This takes time the first time around but the second pizza is easy!

I make it according to package directions using my food processor to mix it.

The dough is a little hard to work with so I smooth it in the pan using a moist spatula.

After baking the crust until it is no longer shiny and starts to firm up I spread gluten-free pizza sauce from a jar (Kroger brand etc) and ground sausage, cooked and drained. I top it with shredded pizza cheese.

I have recently talked to Ben and Ashia and it seems that Syd misses us, well I really think it's Steve she misses. That crazy dog loves Steve, you should see her when she sees him outside the house are hears him drive up. She goes nuts! If you are holding her you had better put her down fast because she spins off on you running to get to him and in the meantime you look like you have been in a cat fight. But I can understand I love Steve too!

Have a good week and remember it doesn't have to be difficult to eat Gracefully Gluten-Free!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Weekend With Sydney

When we got home Thursday night I hit the door running, I had to wash and repack so that Steve could leave again Friday afternoon to return to irrigate the corn. We had hoped to take care of giving the corn a drink of water while we were there this week but it seems Delta Electric has dozens of wells to hook up to electric so they did not get ours hooked up until late Thursday afternoon. They run things a little different there than we do in Macon. They unhook the electric to all pumps for the winter and then hook them back up at the beginning of the summer, what Steve and I didn't know was that you have to call in and have your name put on the list. We're not complaining because it sure saves us money after harvest but we know next year to call in earlier!

I came home to take care of our grand-dog for Ben and Ashia to go out of town. I don't know why we all love this crazy dog like we do but she has stolen our hearts. She was so excited to see me when I picked her up on Friday; we have found that if I pick her up she doesn't mourn their leaving her like she does if they drop her off. The excitement wore off, for me that is, when grandpa came home for lunch. Little did she know that he was getting ready to leave again. After he left she rain frantically through the house searching for him and when she could not find him she laid on the sofa all afternoon, upset. We had some bad weather to roll in so I picked her up and kept her close to me; as soon as I put her down she jumped back on the sofa. I sure hope she gets over this soon.

Sydney on the sofa.

I caught her with her eyes closed from the flash. Ashia takes photos of her all the time and she hates it she told me so.

In the meantime I ‘ve been cleaning house, which was long overdue, it’s so hard to keep two places going all the time. Now I can’t breath and I have a headache, I expected as much with all the dust in the house. A lot of times when I'm like this I can't stand to lay down, it only makes matters worse. If I have to sleep sitting up in my recliner I bet I have company tonight.

Sydney taking a nap with grandpa (Steve) before he leaves to drive back to the Delta.

Who ever thought we could have "Pineapple Upside-Down Cake", "Strawberry Shortcake", "Apple Turnover", and "Lemon Meringue" Yoplait that is Gluten-Free? Flavors like this usually contain gluten. My daughter called me this week to tell me of her new find. As soon as I had a chance I went to the grocery store and bought myself some. I can't wait to try them!

I've finally gotten over the dust attack and enjoying playing with the dog. She's not sad any more, I guess she realizes I'm not going anywhere.

You too can live gracefully gluten-free!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Gluten Free Farm Life

A tomato bought in the local grocery raised in Indianola.

We attended my Aunt's funeral on Sunday and after visiting with our family headed to the Delta. Now we're back in Inverness, spraying and irrigating the crops.

First thing upon arriving in the Delta I have to stock the castle (camper) so that I can cook in my gourmet kitchen. This time I went to Wal-mart anticipating what I might find after my great finds last trip. I didn't find a lot of new things although I did come across some great Spinach dip. It is made by Tostitos and is really good with Tortilla or Corn chips.

Hormel Natural Lunch Meats are Gluten-Free
I use something like this for quick lunches. When Steve comes in and has a few minutes we go ahead and prepare lunch so he can quickly get back to the field.

I enjoy cooking so have to be careful because I also love eating. I think Steve and I are addicted to food. At Wal-mart found a very small pork roast, I hate leftovers because we don't have room to store them. This roast was great cooked on low in the oven

We will soon be heading back to Macon so I had to work in a little baby shopping, I mean what do you expect? I bought these two little outfits but I am not sure whether they will be given as a gift or saved for one of my own babies! I'll be glad when I know what we're having in Indiana so I can buy even more! (Work hard Steve I'm after your money!) :)

I close for now because I have a lot to do in my palace. For now don't forget to eat Gracefully Gluten-Free!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who Am I To Judge?

Sitting at my computer in the Delta. I'll be there again soon!

Good Food Doesn't have to be Difficult!!!!

My last blog talked about finding gluten-free ingredients in Wal-mart. The items bought were put to good use!

Spaghetti and salad with Gluten-Free brownies for dessert (I used a package mix from Gluten free Pantry and they were great)

My favorite lunch, Gluten-Free Pantry bread, made into a BLT with Salad greens.

My birthday was Friday, June 5th. On Wednesday I had received a call from my Dad that one of his aunts, who was like a grand-mother to me, was really low and they did not give her but a couple of days to live. On Friday night I had a friend and Ben and Ashia (our children) over to grilled out. The neat thing about my birthday is that it is also Ben's birthday so we like to do special things together. After supper we were talking about my aunt and I made the remark if she'll only hold on my birthday will be over. Not 30 minutes after I made this statement my cell-phone rung and I knew because of the ring tone it was my Dad to tell me my aunt had passed away. So I guess you are thinking these things happen, so get over it. Sometimes I think these things happen more often to me. I had a grandfather who died the day before my birthday, another grandfather died on my birthday and my aunt died on my birthday; now this great aunt makes the fourth death of a family member on or very close to my birthday.

I am sad as I write this; the thing that bothers me most is possibly my Aunt did not go to heaven. She was a sad bitter woman due to the tough life she had lived. Many times we talked to her about the Lord but she always became very irate and told us that we had never gone through what she had and she didn't want to hear it. You see my Aunt went blind at a young age after this she became a recluse and only went outside her house to go to the doctor. Years later her house burnt down and they lost everything. My Uncle was thankful that they had each other, but my aunt felt that God had let her down. Seven years ago my uncle was found dead working in his garden and once more my aunt felt God was against her and she became extremely bitter and mad at God. As I go to attend the funeral I can only pray that her heart was right, there is no way to know what she has been thinking or feeling these last few weeks of her life. Who am I to judge??

In cooking Gluten-free here are some helpful hints:
Absolute No-Nos On A Gluten-Free Diet:
Wheat is so ubiquitous in the Standard American Diet that we often forget that we are eating it. Here are a few foods that you may not realize contain wheat.
  • all-purpose flour
  • self-rising flour
  • semolina (the flour used in most pasta)
  • couscous
  • most soy sauce
  • Campbell’s Cream of ______ Soup
  • cornbread mix
  • most cold cereals (barley malt flavoring)
Until next time, you too can live Gracefully Gluten-Free!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gluten Free Pantry at Wal-mart in the Delta!!!!

I took my usual trip to Wal-mart after getting settled in my castle (or camper) in the Delta to buy the ingredients for a gourmet meal. (Usually something VERY simple!) Farmer Steve had suggested that I make something with pasta for supper and my reply was kind of cocky. I told him that he must have forgotten that I have to eat gluten-free and there was no where to buy my pasta close to us, that he should have suggested that before we left home.

I had a small list of things I needed and had planed on buying some type of chicken to cook but then when I walked into the store it consumed me. I started at the back and walked up and down each and every isle dreaming of everything in the store being gluten-free. While checking to see if they had the Betty Croker Gluten-Free cake mixes I had a vision. Right in front of my eyes was "The Gluten-Free Pantry" baking mixes for brownies and muffins. I reached up and took one of each and then realized that this was not a vision it was a dream come true. Up until this point I was walking slowly as if dead lice was falling off of me but not NOW. My adrenalin started pumping and I started speed walking up and down the isles. I thought that if they have these in the store what else may be hidden on these shelves. As I approached the isle with pasta I walked right by it but then had a second thought, maybe they have gluten-free pasta now? THEY DID on the bottom shelve there it was "DeBoles Gluten-Free" pasta in spaghetti style and one other type that I can't recall right now. Also, in their brand (Great Value) they had spaghetti sauce with "Gluten-Free" in big bold letters.

This is all I ran across on this trip to Wal-mart but you had better believe I will be looking closer every time I go there for more gluten-free treats. I will also be checking out the Wal-mart stores near Macon to see what they have.

Thank you Wal-Mart you are helping to make life easier for us Celiacs!

The Finished Product

I recently found a gluten-free Milky Way spread so I thought this would be a great addition to my brownies. YUM