Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Taste of My Favorite Things

Happy Father's Day to all you men out there! I am so thankful for Steve and for the great father that he is to all our children!!!!

I wanted to post a blog but with it being so hot I have done little cooking these past few days. We have been eating light at lunch and then going out at night. So yesterday I was thinking what I really like about the Delta and thought I would share some of the facts with you.

The Delta

Tunica has gleaming casinos with resturants such as the famous "Lady and Son's" that features southern cuisine all the way from Savannah, Georgia.

Clarksdale - home to famous blues musicians and the world renowned Delta Blues Museum and the Hopson Plantation, one of the largest cotton farming operations in the South. There is also Morgan Freeman's blues club or Madidi's

Cleveland - the Historic Crosstie Shopping District, offering an array of specialty shops, antique stores and cafes that serve down home southern cooking. One of our favorite is eating at "The Warehouse".

Greenville - home to some of the country's great writers and a city that blends Native American history with the Blues, cotton and casino gaming.

Leland - the town that spawned one of the most popular Muppet characters, Kermit the Frog. Home to "Fat Baby's" steak and seafood restaurant.
Indianola, - a special place in blues music history - hometown of legendary Blues musician B.B. King, and home to one-of-a-kind Southern treats at the nationally recognized "Indianola Pecan House". "The Crown" it is so much more than a great place for lunch! It is an Art Gallery full of fabulous original Delta art, a Gift Shop filled with classic children’s toys and gifts for every occasion, a Bookstore shelving the best books about the Blues, the Delta and our favorite foods. And last but not least, it's home of Taste of Gourmet! You can buy the mixes and sauces they've created at The Crown and take them home to enjoy! And if you can’t make it for lunch, join them in the afternoon for Taste of Gourmet food samples and the best cup of coffee and pie you’ll have ever tasted. Shop at "Young Ideas". Young Ideas is a specialty store that has been offering the Delta’s best in infant, girls, boys, juniors, and ladies clothing and gifts for almost 35 years. We offer a wide selection of merchandise, and we are known for outstanding service.

Inverness - 128 miles south of Memphis and 78 miles north of Jackson. The small town was virtually wiped away on February 21, 1971 when an F4 tornado struck portions of Louisiana and Mississippi. 36 people were left dead in rural Mississippi in the wake of the storm; 21 of the victims were from Inverness. Home to Good Farm's and the famous one and only "Hometown Restaurant".

Greenwood - discover the three "final resting places" of the enigmatic Robert Johnson, King of the Delta Blues. Unearth the mystery at the Greenwood Blues Heritage Museum & Gallery and find out how Southern hospitality and high-class comfort combine at the Alluvian Hotel and Spa. Take cooking classes at the "Viking Cooking School" or eat at our favorite restaurant "The Crystal Grill" home of the famous homemade pies.

Yazoo City - the land that inspired acclaimed author Willie Morris to share his childhood memories in My Dog Skip. Experience the town's history and culture at the Oakes African-American Cultural Center and visit some of the most beautiful antebellum homes in Mississippi.
Enjoy the traveler's Delta Travel Diary and then make plans to feel the Delta rhythm for yourself with a trip to through the Mississippi Delta.

MSU info....

Those of you who know me know that I am an avid college basketball fan I like all sports but LOVE basketball. I had rather watch basketball (any college team) than anything else on TV. I've told my kids when I get old and can't get around much just subscribe to Directv's Full Court and I'll be happy! This week I read some excited news about one of our MSU Bulldogs. MSU's Varnado makes USA hoops team It will be exciting to see where the Dawgs take us this next season. I'm so thankful for my season tickets in the past and pray we are able to get them once again!

These are just a few of my favorite things. Look for more in the future.

What is one of your favorite things in Mississippi? Leave your answer in the comment section I'd love to know.