Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Easy Gluten-Free Pizza

I had a nice time with Syd (our grand-dog) and I am now back in the Delta with Steve. It is sooo humid and hot here so I'm not sure that I will be doing a lot of cooking. Tonight for supper we had homemade chicken salad and green salad with either ice cream or watermelon for dessert. When it is this hot we prefer meals to help us cool down.

During my time at home for breakfast one morning I had one of my favorite gluten-free meals. "Van's" frozen blueberry Waffles (the plain are also good). They are delicious and you can't get any easier! I buy them at the local Kroger but will only allow my self to have them a few times a year due to the calories.

After Steve got home for supper one night I made a gluten-free pizza. We had rather have the gluten-free version than the regular now. Of course it's been ages since I ate a regular pizza but Steve assures me that my gluten-free is better and I believe him! Here is my EASY gluten-free pizza way.

I use "Gluten-Free Pantry" french bread and pizza mix. It makes two 12" x 14" pizzas, so I use one immediately and freeze one for later use. This takes time the first time around but the second pizza is easy!

I make it according to package directions using my food processor to mix it.

The dough is a little hard to work with so I smooth it in the pan using a moist spatula.

After baking the crust until it is no longer shiny and starts to firm up I spread gluten-free pizza sauce from a jar (Kroger brand etc) and ground sausage, cooked and drained. I top it with shredded pizza cheese.

I have recently talked to Ben and Ashia and it seems that Syd misses us, well I really think it's Steve she misses. That crazy dog loves Steve, you should see her when she sees him outside the house are hears him drive up. She goes nuts! If you are holding her you had better put her down fast because she spins off on you running to get to him and in the meantime you look like you have been in a cat fight. But I can understand I love Steve too!

Have a good week and remember it doesn't have to be difficult to eat Gracefully Gluten-Free!