Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hormel Can Chicken Breast & General Mills

I am back in the hot Mississippi Delta this week. The camper is just now cooling off and I don't plan to heat it up again. I'm going to boil eggs and make a chicken salad to eat on a bed of lettuce for supper (yes supper I'm southern). I've bought Steve some crackers and I'll use my Ranch Rice snack cakes (bite size). I am using them rather than my usual "Glutano" brand Gluten-Free crackers due to calorie intake (although they are the BEST). Lately I am putting on the pounds, I hate to complain though because when I do it seems my stomach starts giving me problems and I can hardly eat (that hasn't happened in a while).

I'll be using "Harmel" caned chicken breast. Not only is it gluten-free it is 97% fat free, another plus for my summer meal.

Ok, lately I blogged about the sweet corn that we bought from the Delta. Ashia (my daughter) and I agree that is the sweetest corn we have EVER put in our mouths. It's like eating candy on a cob! A lot of people don't like it because they say it's too sweet, not us we can't get enough!

I recently read a blog More Gluten-Free Cereal from General Mills you need to read this. It not only tells you what General Mills is doing, it give you a list of the different cereals you can eat! I have been eating the Chex cereals for a long time and love them!!! I am sooo excited that many companies are recognizing the fact that many of us have to live gluten-free.

Take care of yourself friends you too can live Gracefuly Gluten-Free!