Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Favorite Sandwich Bread

Do you ever have a day like this? I was really tired after working a lot on Thursday and so on Friday I was looking forward to a more relaxing day today. When I got up I started a loaf of "My Favorite Sandwich Bread" (if you have not tried this you should I order mine from "Gluten Free" or "Amazon"). After a while I went in to check my bread and the timer on the bread machine had not moved. I panicked and emptied the bread dough into a bread pan to let it rise and bake it manually. The bread rose all over the oven and so I decided to clean up part of it and then bake it and I dropped the pan! Now I had bread dough all over the kitchen. I should have quit and went back to bed but I managed to persevere and clean up the mess plus make a new loaf of bread. Now that this catastrophe is over I wonder if I actually jumped the gun and didn't give the machine time to do it's thing? HHMMM maybe I'll give it one more chance I love my bread machine, thanks to my great cousins who gave it to me as a wedding gift when I married Steve.

The new loaf of bread never seemed to get done. After cooking it twice I finally cut it up and put it in a box. The inside is a little gooey but after toasting it is is great. Lord please let my bread machine be ok so I can eat decent bread again!

This brings one more thing to mind. Have you ever shopped through "Good Shop"? It is a website that you can shop numerous stores through and give to your favorite charity at the same time. My daughter introduced me to this when I bought my MacBook. Give it a try all of us want to help someone else, right?

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On a much happier note, my cousin Michelle and her two children have been visiting Ben and Ashia. And I have been able to spend time with each one of them and have thoroughly enjoyed it. They use to come regularly and visit the farm but do not get too much anymore since Michelle works as a nurse, is VERY involved in the lives of her children and has a new man in her life. Yes, it true Michelle is in love and I am happy for her but the bad thing is he LIVES IN NORTH CAROLINA!!!! I know one day Michelle, Rivers and Gage will be leaving Mississippi to join Dan in NC and I dread it but can't say anything after all didn't I pray that she find true love and be happy? Come to think of it this is the second Michelle in my life that I have prayed this for and the first one moved to Alabama, which isn't so bad because I can see her once in a while but North Carolina. If you're name is Michelle and you want a mate don't ask me to pray unless you are ready to pack your bags!

When I got home from the Delta I mentioned to Ashia and Rivers that I needed to go buy groceries because there was nothing to eat at my house. Rivers brought me this, she had made a grocery list for me of what I needed. Isn't that the sweetest? I can't believe she is this big!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th. We enjoyed spending time with family for a nice swim and cookout.