Friday, July 24, 2009

A Helpful Hint From My House to Yours

Allergies, headaches and surgery

As I've mentioned before I'm getting ready for a procedure on my stomach valve this next Monday so I am off all aspirin products. I have had a head ache for three days now, it may be lack of caffeine so I've have been drinking coffee. I really think it is something in the air. On our trip to Indiana I did great and had no headaches. I swear to you the minute we drove back into the deep south Steve and I both had a headache. What is it about MS that is so different? I hate the idea of leaving this Magnolia state but sure wish my head would feel better.

As for my stomach now that the procedure is scheduled and my part of it is already paid I feel better, go figure! I guess I need to go and let them check me out anyway and the only way they can do this is a scope down my throat I've never had this procedure done that it wasn't closed or had a pea size opening. I mentioned not going to Steve and his reply was, "Grace, you have been sick for a month now and you have two good days and want to cancel the procedure umm no"!

My Family

Steve has been in the Delta and is home now and I'm so glad I hate staying by myself. I have had Sydney here, Ben and Ashia's dog, but she just wants to sleep. The minute Steve walked through the door she was full of energy and seemed to be full all night long.

When Sydney sleeps she gets cold and stays right under me but if I wrap her up she'll sleep for hours. Notice her paw over her nose.

I don't know if you read Ashia's blog (find the link in the right hand margin) but she is very pregnant. She goes back to the doctor on Monday. We still don't know the sex of our Indiana baby but we should know in two weeks, I can't stand the suspense! Both Ashia and Mary are doing very well.

Helpful Hint From My House to Yours

While at Mary's last week my girls and I made gluten-free brownies from a mix I had taken with me. I had made these brownies before and they seemed a little dry but not this time. While Alyana mixed them I added a large tablespoon of sour cream (I use Daisy all natural) to the mixture and they were great. George, my son-in-law, didn't realize they were gluten-free. I use sour cream or mayonnaise (Hellmann's) in a lot of baking gluten-free with mixes it always makes the item moist.

Something new I tried while at Mary's, if I eat at night the food just sets there and I can't sleep so I was looking for something I could drink at night. I bought this at Kroger and it was really good, it would have been better if I'd put a few potatoes in it. The neat thing is that they have soups such as this in many different flavors. UMMM