Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shop GoodSearch and Give to The Celiac Disease Foundation

I had my surgical procedure on Monday and this time has been tougher than the past. The Doctor said the hole from my stomach into my intestines was closed smaller than pea size so he opened it as wide as possible. Normally after this procedure I sleep off the anesthesia and then I am up and going. This time I have had a good bit of pain in my stomach area, which is to be expected, but is not fun. Each day I wake up thinking I'll be over it but so far it still hurts. This morning I was thinking isn't it wonderful to think, this too shall pass. No matter how hard or uncomfortable we get from time to time with our different diets and life in general one day it will all be over.

Today I was making "My Favorite Sandwich Bread" and realized it was time to order more mixes. I am a thrifty shopper so I went to The Gluten Free Pantry and checked out the price there but was able to get a much better deal at through I am so pleased with my purchase I was able to give a percentage of the proceeds to the "Celiac Disease Foundation"! Go to Good Search and select your favorite charity then there is a list of stores or you can search for the store you want to shop. I am amazed at how many stores are listed, check it out. It is easier for me to spend our money if I can help someone else in need.

Helpful Hint From My House to Yours

This morning I was in the mood for Banana pancakes but didn't feel like making anything from scratch. I used my "Pamela's Baking Mix" for the pancakes and then added a small banana. I covered them in a little butter and Blackburn's Butter Pecan Syrup. Talk about good it was wonderful!!!!!

Have a nice weekend friend whether sunshine or rain make the most of it.