Monday, April 22, 2013

Yes, Lord Send the Rain

Recently while talking to a friend he suggested that I journal all that has happened to us within the last six weeks. Some of this I know I will never forget but then as I get older I will forget the details so grab a big cold drink sit back and read. Don't feel sorry or worry about us we are fine, God is our provider and is taking care of us!

The 2nd of March our youngest grand-son turned one. We had a big celebration and enjoyed the day with family and friends!

Bennett waving at us at his Dr. Seuss birthday party.

The next week I was with them a couple of days because I had a Dr.'s appointment near by. Then on Thursday the 7th I had a hair appointment so I headed home for that. Late that afternoon sometimes around 5 my son called they were at the emergency room with Bennett he had burnt his hand on the glass that covers their gas logs. When they got home my daughter asked could I come back to Starkville, Bennett was to be taken to the burn center in Jackson and she wanted me to go with them. To make a long story short we spent the day at the burn center where Bennett ended up having surgery on his hand. After several appointments in Jackson little Bennett is finally doing well.

Bennett and I the day of surgery and Bennett a few days later.

At my Dr.'s appointment I mentioned above they decided that my pyloric valve was closed so I scheduled an out-patient surgery to have it opened again on Monday, April 15.

On Thursday, April 11 we had bad weather in the area. It had rained so much here in Greenwood that Steve took the day off. That morning we went to breakfast together and ran errands around town as it continued to pour rain.  
A farmer's field in Greenwood.

Shortly after lunch time I was at the computer and saw that there were tornado warnings in Noxubee County. Honey called our son who said yes it was really bad there and that the lights had just gone out in our shop. He and Honey decided that he needed to leave the shop along with a friend and go to our camp or farm house which is about 3-miles up the road. This is the house that we had set up to use when having to stay on the farm for various reasons. It's also the house we had lived in for years and now the men ate lunch and rested there everyday. After they got on the road they saw a tornado and turned around and went to a neighbors close by. Ben called us several times and once it was to tell us that a neighbor across from the farm house had lost everything. We asked that he confirm this before we panic and so when they felt that it was safe to go out they went to check things out talking to us on the phone the whole time. As Ben drew closer to the farm he told his Dad that the microwave tower, which set in our yard, was gone. When he got close enough to see the farm he said, "Dad come quick it's bad."

Honey immediately left for the farm there and I went to work getting ready to go join him. I'm going to post a collage of photos to show some of what we found and the other photos can be found HERE.

That night we had some precious friends to come and be there for us. Everyone jumped in and helped manually open and close the shop doors so my son could get his truck out to go home. The shop doors were stuck down because we had no electricity. We ate on the tailgate of the truck then we went home with our kids to sleep and get ready for the next day.

Friday morning we all got our work clothes and boots on and started preparing for our day. We were to take the two babies to a neighbor but poor Bennett got up with a stomach virus so after several attempts to get him ready to go we decided that Gammy would stay home and rock the baby. We had a long day because he was soo sick I was thrilled, even though my arms were killing me, when he finally fell asleep in my arms and slept for over two hours.

By Saturday Bennett was feeling much better so we loaded them up and took them to a sitter we spent all day packing up the kitchen etc, salvaging what we could that was in the yard and storing furniture until we can do better.

Sunday I got up sick. I had flu like symptoms but we quickly realized that it was just allergies from working at the tornado zone. Honey and I spent the day at the kids relaxing and getting ready for my surgery on Monday morning.

Sunday night after going to bed we were awoken, little Austin now had the stomach virus. It was an extremely long night for Daddy and Momma as I couldn't help out any for fear that I would get it.

I started to cancel my surgery due to so much going on but we decided that it was a much needed distraction for Honey and I so we continued on with our plans.

The surgery went well the Doctor said my valve was closed tighter than ever before, I don't know why I had no stress in my life at this time. While I was in recovery trying to wake up I looked over and Honey had the trash can, yes now he had that bad old stomach virus. I still don't know how he made it taking me to lunch then home so I could sleep.

After he took me to our daughter's he went to the farm, just like a man so sick he couldn't hold his head up but he had to go to the farm. Our son said that he looked like he was dying so as soon as they could get away he brought him home and we put him to bed. That night I slept on the couch I sure didn't want a virus immediately following stomach surgery.

A week and a half after surgery I was washing a glass when it broke and cut my right hand really bad. Praise the Lord Honey was still in the kitchen with me and able to get me to the ER before I bled to death. 

Now the remodeling continues, since February I might add, and my hand is healing. 

God is good all the time! At a time like this you realize more than before that the things that matter most are not really things at all.

After seeing the farm I was crying and praying and I felt God say that the miracles were coming. So far we have seen two huge miracles and each day is exciting as we sit back and watch God work.

I ran across this video last week, I've always loved this song but have not thought about it in a while. Now it is even more dear to me and a testimony of how I feel.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bakery on Main Oatmeal Review

You know from past post that I am without a kitchen right now so I'm living upstairs while the downstairs is remodeled and cooking in a toaster oven, what little I cook.

A few weeks ago I received a message from the Marketing Associate at Bakery on Main asking did I want to sample some of their new oatmeal. I wrote back and told her that I had not had any of their oatmeal and would love to try it because I love everything  of theirs that I have tried.

Then last Saturday I received a package of Bakery on Main Oatmeal and assorted flavors.

It couldn't Have happened at a better time! This just helps to bring a little excitement into my eating every morning.

So far I have tried the "Apple Pie" and "Strawberry Shortcake" and I LOVE both of them!

The Apple Pie has bits of real apple and a apple, cinnamon, pie taste. The bowl was waaayyy too small.

The Strawberry Shortcake has bits of real strawberries and a creamy vanilla taste. It was good too but I added a little too much liquid to this bowl, or maybe I ate it before it had time to thicken, either way it was still good. I wish I had one more bowl to test, oh well I'll just have to buy some!

To read more about Bakery on Main or order products you can click HERE.

By the way I didn't cook this in my toaster oven. I actually used my coffee maker to heat the water, a bit creative don't ya think?

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