Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grand Children ARE Grand,

I've been blessed in watching Punkin for Be and Ash the last couple of days. Thursday Ash took the afternoon off to do some shopping and yesterday Ben and Ashia went to a movie. Every time I watch her I marvel at the new things she is doing. I know she's probably done them in front of her parents but not for Gammy. So these times are special. Here are a few things I've caught on camera.

She loves to watching Nick Jr. so it is convenient that she now holds her own bottle. Such a cutie.

It seems the bottle got heavy for her so she was so cute putting her foot inside to help support it. Is this lazy? I think it's smart!

Her Mom has her hooked on Ni Hao, Kai-lan this is a Chinese learning show for babies. Ashia has always had a passion for adopting and would love to adopt from China in the future. To learn more about this read her blog HERE...

This was so funny, I don't think she was very hungry and chose to talk while taking her bottle. After a while of this I took the bottle away.

I was tired and had a headache so again she was watching Wonder Pets while sitting in the recliner next to me.

We do a lot of activities not just watch TV. She has a exer-saucer that she loves and spends a lot of time in, when she gets tired of it I lay her on her play mat a while then we'll eat, watch a little television and take a nap. She's really good and a easy baby to keep! Thank you Jesus!!!

We ate at "Trailboss" last night; I appreciate the way they cater to me to make sure that I can eat without getting sick. Thank you!

Now, I guess you're wondering why I'm not in Indiana, I will be soon. They have put Mary's procedure off a few days so we are still home getting some things done around here.

So my next blog will be written from Indiana soon!

Thank you friends you are a blessing!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Swat" did it and I was there.

I know, I was there, I saw it with my own eyes.

Jarvis Varnado owns the national record for blocked shots. Block No. 8 came with 4:26 to play in a game against Alabama Crimson Tide which makes it 536 blocks so far in his career. He now owns the title over Wojciech Myrda (Louisiana-Monroe 1998-02)  who had 535 blocks in his career. Go HERE to read all about it! He is the first player ever to make 1000 pts, 1000 rebounds and 500 blocks.

Also, Barry Stewart has overtaken Darryl Wilson atop MSU's career 3-pointers list.

One of the neatest things about this career breaking night is Jarvis and Barry have roomed together for four years now as they have played for MSU. They are both seniors and both broke these records on the same night. What about them Dawgs?

I wish I could thank the Refs for the job they did to contribute to this great night! Good job Refs!!!

Here are a few photos from the night!
Jarvis making his free throws!

look at the score board

Bully leads a cheer while we wait.

Greg Burns addresses the crowd

Barry Stewart accepting his reward

Jarvis accepting his reward and hugging his family

An emotional moment.

The morning after the game I woke up with one of my bad sinus headaches, Steve was gone so I got up and ate a little and took an Excedrin. I was resting and trying to get it to ease off when Ashia called wanting me to come help with Austin for a little while, it seems they had a really rough night. So here I am loving on my Punkin and looking forward to loving on my baby boy soon!

After a quick nap she played a while.
This is what Grand-mothers are for! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho it's off to Indiana I go!!!

That's right, I'm going and take care of my three grand-babies while our oldest daughter has surgery for kidney stones. OUCH  She has been having problems for sometimes now and they are going to have to operate. I'll be blogging from IN so keep watch on what this grand-parent is doing. Taking care of a 2-month old baby, umm can I do it? Sure I can but I will be worn out and that's no joke. So at this time I'm busy baking "My Favorite Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread" to take with me, washing, packing and things like that.

Hold on Mary I'm coming!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friends can eat gluten-free too!

We really enjoyed our visit with Fred and Marion. Due to the cold weather we stayed in a lot but had fun all the same.

Ash and Punkin came over every morning and spent the day with us.

Punkin is eating now and it is so funny, she makes such a mess that Ashia strips her down to her diaper and bib. Of course she loves going without cloths so she's happy. 

We ate constantly. We talked about cutting back but when friends get together it is a time to celebrate and we celebrated by eating. They did not seem to mind that the meals were gluten free at all.

Steve took Fred to the MSU, Kentucky game. Fred loves basketball and we thought this would be a treat. They got in late that night and Fred seemed to have really enjoyed himself!

Marion and I stayed home and took care of Punkin and that was Marion's treat. Austin loves Marion and just laughs when she talks to her. This is Punkin playing with her Valentine from Mom.

Thank you for your visit Fred and Marion, you are welcome anytime!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Trip of Faith

Steve and I had a trip to Florida planned for Friday morning to visit with family, who recently lost a loved one.  I spent more time looking out the window Thursday night than I did in the bed. The last time I looked there was no snow in sight all was clear. Friday morning I got up asking, Steve what do you think? I was so tired I really didn't I could make the trip must less get up and pack plus everything else that goes along with a quick trip. Steve's answer was, "we're going". Get up Grace and get moving! I hauled it out of bed and went to work. Before Steve left for the office he said, "Grace guess what? It's snowing." By the time we got ready to leave the snow was gathering on the ground but we decided to go ahead, since we were ready, and see how far we could go. Now, keep in mind WE NEVER have snow HERE and if we do it's only a dusting. We crossed bridges that made me a nervous wreck only ice and slush! By the time we drove to Meridian, I was begging Steve to turn around and go home. We stopped for lunch and the snowflakes were as big as quarters. Steve said, "honey lets eat and then we'll decide what to do." I think this was one way to get me to calm down. After we ate Steve felt we could make it and I felt he was crazy! LOL Now that I look back I'm glad we persevered and made it. Here are a few photos of our trip from Macon to Mobile, AL.






It was beautiful but that is one trip I'm glad is over!

We stopped and spent Saturday night with our friends/family Fred and Marion. 

This was one of those trips that took faith to make it and I lived by faith. Getting ready to leave in such a hurry I didn't thank about food. For supper Saturday night I made a quick trip to wal-mart and bought some ingredients for gluten-free barbeque nachos. I love these things and if I'm not careful I'll eat so much that I make myself sick. I use Loyd's barbeque in a tub, it taste great and is gluten free. Hey you have to be creative when you are living life  Gracefully Gluten Free.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Superbowl Sunday with recipes

I have been waiting some time now for the perfect day to make Red Beans and Rice. Recently I was in the cooking mood so I made them for our supper and took them to Ben and Ashia's so that Ben could enjoy them with us. Ashia doesn't eat any type of bean so she made herself a pizza instead. It was the perfect food for a cold rainy night. I also made corn bread, not from my favorite recipe but from a mix I had on hand. It was good but we still like mine a lot better. 

Red Beans and Rice

2 cups dried red beans
4 pieces of bacon, fried and crumbled, save grease
1 pkg. of your favorite sausage, fry and set aside
1 tbls. chicken stock granules
salt and pepper to taste
5 cups water

Prepare you beans for cooking. Fry bacon and sausage and set aside. Drain beans when ready to cook and add chicken stock, water, bacon and bacon grease. I cook mine for hours until they are very done and thick.

For Superbowl Sunday we went to Ben and Ashia's and watched the game with friends. Ben was in DC but made it home by the end and in time to eat, the most important thing right? 

I took a great sausage dip. Well, it is usually great but this time I used a different type of sausage than I normally do and I did not like it. Oh well, here is the recipe just be sure to use a sausage you really like, believe me it matters. :(

Sausage Dip

2 lbs. ground sausage
1 8-oz. pkg cream cheese
1 16-oz. carton sour cream
1 10-oz. can Ro-tel tomatoes
4 cups shredded Mexican-blend cheese 

Brown sausage; drain. Stir in cream cheese, sour cream, Ro-tel and cheese. Put all in crock and cook until is melted and well blended. Keep hot and serve with Frito Scoops.

I also made chocolate cupcakes of course all was gluten free but they were really good. I love Pamela's mixes for a quick fix, you can buy them at any Kroger and they good.

Here are some photos from our game night.

 Austin was shown more attention than the game.

 But, she didn't mind!

What a great little helper.

Needless tweeting.....

 Something to do when you are bored.

We had a fun time and I was happy with the outcome although NOT everyone was! :(

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wow we made it....

We have been babysitting Punkin for Be and Ash to attend something with Farm Bureau in DC. I have been so excited about this time and have to admit the closer it got I was a little apprehensive after all it's been a llloonnngg time since I took care of a little one 24-hours a day.

Punkin is a sweet heart and kept us busy but we enjoyed every minute of it. Here are a few photos of our week.

MOST of the time after taking our bath and eating we watched a little Nick Jr.

We talked and laughed a lot!!!

Grammy tried anything to get a little cooking done. Mom said that this was her first time in a highchair.

I bet she got tired of videos and photos. 

She is teething and chews on EVERYTHING. Needless to say we're thankful for bibs and burp cloths!

Bless her heart she ran out of bibs so I put one of her Daddy's on her until I could wash.

Worn out and taking a short afternoon nap.

EARLY Friday morning dressed to go get Mom from Jackson. Watching Fox news with Pepaw.

On the road. She did great, she was so tired from a rough night and early morning that she slept most of the trip.

Steve and I had a bitter sweet feeling of Ash's return, we hated to give up Punkin, but we are really tired and thankful that now Mom is tending to her. We love being the grandparents who can visit and love on our grandchildren and then hand them over to their parents. Isn't that what grandparents are for?

On a gluten-free note...
I recently bought these little cookies to give them a try and I have not been disappointed, they are GREAT! I'm sure that I will buy more in the near future.

Sunday is the Superbowl, I'll share later what snacks I make! GO SAINTS!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You'll Know You Are a Celiac If........

I have to post this she is growing so fast and doing new things everyday!

This is sooo good and so true also!'ve ever had to give a doctor a crash course in Celiac 101.'ve "brown bagged it" to an elegant dinner

...a 7 course meal is a 1 course meal for you -Lettuce.'ve driven more than 40 miles to buy a cookie. takes you 4 hours to grocery shop and your eyesight is ruined. hold your breath through the bakery section. feel like you need a loan to pay the grocery bill.

...your bread weighs more than a moon rock and just happens to resemble one as well.'ve disinherited loved ones for putting their knife in your mayo.'ve brought a suitcase full of food with you on an over night trip

...your family thinks you're crazy for not tasting their new chocolate chip cookie recipe, because surely a little nibble couldn't hurt right? show up at the annual church pancake breakfast with a mask and lettuce rollups

...having solid poop is the highlight of your day. have actually considered using a gluten-free bagel for a hockey puck've mastered saying "I actually enjoy MY food" (without your face twitching)

... you hide the gluten-free cookies when guests come over, so they don’t eat them. read the ingredient label on green tea - plain green tea. cried when you saw your family member brushing the crumbs off their hands (from making a gluten-containing sandwich) RIGHT OVER the open utensil drawer hear of a new health food store opening in a city close by and get ridiculously excited only to drive there, spend 2 hours walking around, reading labels, only to leave empty handed

... if you know that Xantham Gum is not for chewing.

... if you don't lick stamps