Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grand Children ARE Grand,

I've been blessed in watching Punkin for Be and Ash the last couple of days. Thursday Ash took the afternoon off to do some shopping and yesterday Ben and Ashia went to a movie. Every time I watch her I marvel at the new things she is doing. I know she's probably done them in front of her parents but not for Gammy. So these times are special. Here are a few things I've caught on camera.

She loves to watching Nick Jr. so it is convenient that she now holds her own bottle. Such a cutie.

It seems the bottle got heavy for her so she was so cute putting her foot inside to help support it. Is this lazy? I think it's smart!

Her Mom has her hooked on Ni Hao, Kai-lan this is a Chinese learning show for babies. Ashia has always had a passion for adopting and would love to adopt from China in the future. To learn more about this read her blog HERE...

This was so funny, I don't think she was very hungry and chose to talk while taking her bottle. After a while of this I took the bottle away.

I was tired and had a headache so again she was watching Wonder Pets while sitting in the recliner next to me.

We do a lot of activities not just watch TV. She has a exer-saucer that she loves and spends a lot of time in, when she gets tired of it I lay her on her play mat a while then we'll eat, watch a little television and take a nap. She's really good and a easy baby to keep! Thank you Jesus!!!

We ate at "Trailboss" last night; I appreciate the way they cater to me to make sure that I can eat without getting sick. Thank you!

Now, I guess you're wondering why I'm not in Indiana, I will be soon. They have put Mary's procedure off a few days so we are still home getting some things done around here.

So my next blog will be written from Indiana soon!

Thank you friends you are a blessing!