Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Friends can eat gluten-free too!

We really enjoyed our visit with Fred and Marion. Due to the cold weather we stayed in a lot but had fun all the same.

Ash and Punkin came over every morning and spent the day with us.

Punkin is eating now and it is so funny, she makes such a mess that Ashia strips her down to her diaper and bib. Of course she loves going without cloths so she's happy. 

We ate constantly. We talked about cutting back but when friends get together it is a time to celebrate and we celebrated by eating. They did not seem to mind that the meals were gluten free at all.

Steve took Fred to the MSU, Kentucky game. Fred loves basketball and we thought this would be a treat. They got in late that night and Fred seemed to have really enjoyed himself!

Marion and I stayed home and took care of Punkin and that was Marion's treat. Austin loves Marion and just laughs when she talks to her. This is Punkin playing with her Valentine from Mom.

Thank you for your visit Fred and Marion, you are welcome anytime!