Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Trip of Faith

Steve and I had a trip to Florida planned for Friday morning to visit with family, who recently lost a loved one.  I spent more time looking out the window Thursday night than I did in the bed. The last time I looked there was no snow in sight all was clear. Friday morning I got up asking, Steve what do you think? I was so tired I really didn't I could make the trip must less get up and pack plus everything else that goes along with a quick trip. Steve's answer was, "we're going". Get up Grace and get moving! I hauled it out of bed and went to work. Before Steve left for the office he said, "Grace guess what? It's snowing." By the time we got ready to leave the snow was gathering on the ground but we decided to go ahead, since we were ready, and see how far we could go. Now, keep in mind WE NEVER have snow HERE and if we do it's only a dusting. We crossed bridges that made me a nervous wreck only ice and slush! By the time we drove to Meridian, I was begging Steve to turn around and go home. We stopped for lunch and the snowflakes were as big as quarters. Steve said, "honey lets eat and then we'll decide what to do." I think this was one way to get me to calm down. After we ate Steve felt we could make it and I felt he was crazy! LOL Now that I look back I'm glad we persevered and made it. Here are a few photos of our trip from Macon to Mobile, AL.






It was beautiful but that is one trip I'm glad is over!

We stopped and spent Saturday night with our friends/family Fred and Marion. 

This was one of those trips that took faith to make it and I lived by faith. Getting ready to leave in such a hurry I didn't thank about food. For supper Saturday night I made a quick trip to wal-mart and bought some ingredients for gluten-free barbeque nachos. I love these things and if I'm not careful I'll eat so much that I make myself sick. I use Loyd's barbeque in a tub, it taste great and is gluten free. Hey you have to be creative when you are living life  Gracefully Gluten Free.