Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shoes I'd love to have......

I have really bad feet. I had a bout of plantar fascitis a few years ago plus a few months after that I began to have a problem with a joint on my other foot. I guess it stems from all those years of walking the mountains in Guatemala, but I'd do it again in a minute. So I have been on the hunt for some better shoes. I have a few pair of really good shoes but then some of my favorite are REALLY BAD shoes. I've decided to buy a few pair of good shoes to replace the bad ones. My feet are worth throwing away those things that hurt me. :-(

After talking to a few others on their experience with shoes and reading a ton of reviews here are some of the shoes I would love to have.....

I'm just ready for good shoes, so I have ordered three pair. These feet are covering many a mile lately and I want them to STOP hurting.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Visiting with Friends Gluten Free style

We spent the end of last week on the farm helping out B. During this time A and I enjoyed some shopping. We had to buy things to get ready for punkin's 1st birthday! I can't believe she will be one before we know it and I also wanted to buy a few things for the house. Wouldn't you know I had the money and the plan but did not buy one thing! Uggg Either I didn't find exactly what I had in mind, or I talked myself right out of it! I'm going here in Greenwood soon and buy some of these items!

I just read where the filming of "The Help" began while I was at the farm. Does that mean that life will change for us living here? I think so but it will be a good thing. I am almost finished reading the book and it is really good and getting better all the time. I'll have to let you know the end results!

I recently purchased the following items at one of our local grocery stores. I have ate some of the Cookie Crisp but have not tried the other two. When you live in the South where a lot of GF things are not available and you find new things it's like Christmas! You may want to shop for them here!

Hamburger Helper Asian Helper Beef Fried Rice, 5.8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) Cookie Crisp Sprinkles Cereal, 12.2-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)

Here are photos of our friends who we met in Tuscaloosa. We worked with this family in a mission in Guatemala and they are great people. It was so much fun to be able to meet with them and visit around lunch. We miss all of our friends.

Anna and I, better known to me as Maria. Sorry girl Anna just does not seem right! We have shopped a many a grocery store in Guatemala and now we both eat Gluten-Free! Every time I watch a basketball game on TV which is quiet often I think of Sid and Maria. We watched games with them back then and little did I know that one day I would be a basketball fanatic. To read more about Maria click HERE!

Shelby, Andrea and Rebecca. I remember when Shelby was born in Guate. I took tons of photos of her because I didn't believed that God would again create a child so beautiful. And he may not have until I had grand-children! Sorry Shelby one day you'll understand.

Ashia with Austin and Alicia with one of her sons Samuel. A where did Aaron go during this one? Alicia and A attended school together in Guate. She is the baby of Maria's three girls.

Austin was only interested in EATING!

What a beautiful family who we feel blessed to have known! Thanks guys for the visit!

Honey and I also had a visit with his sister and brother-in-law from Indiana. We enjoyed being able to show them our new home. Thank you guys for coming!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mixes from the Heartland Cream of Celery Soup Review

My giveaway has ended (Lisa T. you still need to contact me) I have finished unpacking my kitchen and I am beginning to cook once more! I have this problem though, lately when I plan a meal and think I have an item in my freezer or pantry I get home to find that I do not have it and I remember that's something I bought for the camp house. Ugg, I guess I'll catch on or find a way to be better organized in the future.

Last night I came in after an appointment with the furniture company and went to the freezer to take out some chicken, WRONG AGAIN! The only chicken I had on hand were these hug breast and I didn't have time to thaw them. I thought that maybe I would cook Honey some hamburger helper since he loves it and never gets it but then I was thinking what am I going to eat? I decided to use some potatoes I had on hand, a pound of ground chuck and some soup mixes to make a hamburger/potato casserole. I had never tried this before but coupled with some of my famous baked beans it was great.

The hidden ingredient would be "Mixes From The Heartland's" Cream of Celery soup mix. I just sprinkled it combined with GF cream of chicken soup mix over each layer of meat and potatoes. Then I added a little more salt and 1/2 cup of water over the top.

It turned out wonderful we ate every bite. I'm so excited I have plenty more of the soup mix to use in different ways like this!

Click below and see what all Mixes from the Heartland has to offer! I've tried three of their mixes so far and we have loved everyone of them. Each mix makes at least six servings and are not only good but good for you! Just add a couple of ingredients and wha la you have a complete, easy quick meal. Keep some on hand and you'll never have to feel guilty again for serving a package mix to your family. Hey, even my Dad who is a no casserole, no mix kind of guy likes them!

Before I moved away I talked A into cutting my hair one more time. I love it, it's so easy and cool too! Thanks A!

We were on the farm last week helping out while BG had a meeting in Jackson. I spent a lot of time with Punkin, here I gave her a bath and put her rob on. Of course A had to retie it, they didn't have these things when she was a baby. Punkin is going to be walking anytime now, she tries so hard.

I've ordered a new piece of furniture that should be delivered any minute now. Maybe next time I can share it with you.

So for now that'll have to do ya! Have a good week and thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Winners Are

Congratulations you are one of the winners of my Snikiddy giveaway!

Lisa of "Sweet as Sugar Cookies"

Rita T. of "Following 31"  and "Writing With Wings"


Meagan Kelly

Please contact me within 24 hours so that I can send have your prize shipped!

Thanks for entering!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meatloaf with No Onions

I'm beginning to slow down and breathe! We've been so busy getting our new home settled and I have a lot more to do but I plan on unpacking my boxes as I can, at this point there is no rush. I'm hoping Honey will be able to meet me to shop for some more furniture I need end tables for the family room, it's hard not having anywhere to sit things. I have found, or actually Ashia did, some nice lamps at Big Lots so I'm thinking about them, that would save money and they are nice.

Last night I decided to try and make a meatloaf without onions. I always make my meatloaves with ketchup and Worcester sauce and any type of form of onion gives Honey hives. So I experimented with some basic items and it was GREAT! I had some venison on hand with bacon added to the meat. It was the perfect meat for this meatloaf, I hope when I'm out of it plain venison or beef with be good too.  I didn't think to take a photo so here is the ingredients and maybe I'll remember a photo next time.

Meatloaf with No Onions

1 lb ground beef or venison
1 small tomato sauce
3 tbls Hunts Honey Mustard barbecue sauce
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 to 1 cup GF bread crumbs
Top with sliced fresh tomatoes (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients, shape in loaf, place in loaf pan with tomatoes on top.  Cook until brown and crunchy around sides.

To go with this I made DeBoles Macaroni and Cheese, easy and tasty too and mixed vegetables. The meal was super good or maybe I'm just ready to start cooking in my own kitchen once again. Stay tuned as I have lots of mixes to review and meals to cook.


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Here's what the house looks like so far...

One of the guest rooms.

I pray for peace to all who sleep here. I want my house to be a safe haven a place to get away from the storms of this life!

I saw these soaps years ago but at that time didn't feel I had a place to use them.  For those who know me you also know that I refuse to pay $8 for one bar of soap no matter how good it looks. Well, while A was here and we were shopping I found a box of three on clearance for $10. I was pumped and couldn't wait to get home with my purchase. They are now in one of my guest baths waiting on you to come see them. This bathroom wall is the same green as the bedroom above by the way.

 The master bedroom before and after.

 I love this bedding and room! it is huge after having a small one for so long so we are thinking about making a sitting room in it also. My desk takes up some of the space but there's still more to spare!

My bath Before and After. 
I have not began to hang pictures etc.

Thanks for visiting, I hope to see you soon!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Walk with me through town!

It's been a fun, busy week. I will be unpacking for quiet a while but I took a break to be with some of my favorite people this week. It rained at the farm so B and A brought punkin to see us for a couple of days. When they called and said they were coming I took a quick inventory to see what I HAD to unpack and realized that I could make it maybe not as comfortable as in the past but I could make it just the same. I used my swiffter vac and ran over the new floors then I moped the old ones. I even had time to lay down and rest before they arrived although it didn't work out due to the phone ringing and thunder. Yes, we've had a small rain here everyday this week and I am thankful because my grass needs it plus my Dad had brought me a rose bush and set it out for me.

I don't have any photos except for a few of pumpkin, of course. Now I could kick myself but then I just didn't think about photos.

Walk with me through town:

Wednesday night we went to eat at Delta Bistro.
Honey and I had never been and I was wanting to go so we went with the kids. The food was different as you can tell on the menu but it was VERY GOOD. We really enjoyed it and I hope to go back in the future, it was a cultural experience.

Thursday morning after Pumpkin slept in and took her nap we went to K K's for lunch. A had eaten there with Farm Bureau in the past and said it was good so she took me to try it out. The food was really good again, another hit in town.

After K K's we visited Sweet Pea's a children's clothing store. We were looking for Punkin a specific size for the future and didn't find anything but we enjoyed browsing just the same.

Then we visited Turn Row Book Company
and found tons of things we could have bought but we refrained just the same. At this point A and I were so proud of ourselves because we went planning on buying.

Then we stopped by Fincher's a top of the line gift company and boy oh boy. I did good though I only bought one thing and it was on clearance. I will be returning there in the future.

After Fincher's we visited The Mississippi Gift Company
I love, love, love this store and had to buy a bottle of sauce that I always put in my stir fry.

we did the most important deal of the day, the kids went with us to pick out a washer and dryer at J. D. Lanham Supply Co. While there doing business A ran over to The Alluvian Spa for a manicure. Me and the guys took Punkin home for a nap but ten minutes after we got home they delivered my washer and dryer, talk about service!

That night we ate at the famous Lost Pizza company
in Indianola, well they ate I had a small salad then Punkin and I went to Wal-mart.

I took them to my favorite furniture store.
I still have a few pieces I want and need and the kids wanted to see the store that I had told them about.

A and I have many more places that we want to shop and eat at so during harvest we are planning another visit. And may I add that I didn't not get glutened one time. I explained my problem and they were very cordial in helping me even when I ordered a salad with croutons at Lost Pizza Company and had to send it back.

After this they had to return to the farm and we had to get back to work in the hills! We plan to go down and pick up a few more things from the farm soon so I'll see them then.

Don't forget my giveaway, please enter for a chance to win!!!

Photos of Punkin:
I like Gammy's new bed.

I love Gammy's rocking chair but I think it's silly to just sit there so I stand a bit. They finally took it away from me. :(

Thanks for visiting with me and again don't forget the giveaway!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Snikiddy Review and Giveaway

I was recently sent a FREE sample of Snikiddy All Natural Baked Fries in the Cheddar Cheese Flavor. As a child I remember eating Tom's Bacon and Cheddar Fries and I loved them and these are even better. When I received them I asked my family to try them and tell me what they thought. My daughter is what you would call very persnickety and she hesitated to try them. She took a few and then reached in the bag for more, needless to say she liked them. My husband, son and grand daughter enjoyed them to the point I took them and made them quit eating so I could eat a few more and do this review.

Let me introduce you to...... 

Founded in 2006 by Janet Owings and Mary Schulman, (a mother/daughter team) with a passion for children’s health, Snikiddy produces Snikiddy Snacks® - great tasting, family-friendly snacks including Cheese Puffs and Baked Fries available in a variety of flavors and developed for kids and families. Made with the highest quality, simple and wholesome ingredients including real cheese and potatoes, Snikiddy Snacks® are perfect for lunchboxes, after school, and on-the-go snacks. They are available in Sharing Packs®, which contain four to five servings per container and leading varieties are available in Multi-Packs (bag of 6 snack packs) and/or individual snack packs. Snikiddy Snacks® are sold in natural and conventional grocery stores across the country and Toys“R”Us, as well as online through and Founded in Bethesda, Md., the company also operates out of Boulder, Colo. For more information, visit

How Snikiddy Got it’s Name:

Snikiddy Cheddar Cheese All Natural Baked Fries are a small crunchy, cheesy, tasty treat that we all agree you can not tell are free of anything.  If you have never heard of them or tried them you want to!

You can.....


You can purchase the Skindiddy snacks online at HERE


Three very lucky winners will receive a sample of a Skindiddy snack! 

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Giveaway will end on July 16th at 12: pm CT. Winner will be selected using Random .org. I will email the winner and you will have 48 hours to reply back before I draw a new winner . Please remember to leave me your email address if you do not have a blogger account so that I can contact you if you win. Good luck to everyone and THANKS

Disclaimer: Skindiddy has provided me with the product I reviewed. They are also providing one for four winners. This review is mine along.

Monday, July 5, 2010

We're Home,

While many of you celebrated Independence Day on Monday we moved. I am so glad that everything is in place, well everything we had to move the rest will be delivered soon. I've been cleaning and unpacked a few things but I have a lot of unpacking left to do. I'm estimating that I will be unpacked in about a week.

The men have gone roaming and I decided to rest and writing a blog, don't know if I'll get finished but this is the beginning. As soon as my hands return I have found a few things that were placed in the wrong room, ha ha they just think they are through! I bet we all sleep well tonight, I could go to bed right now!

So here are a few photos to share!

We celebrated our Independence on Sunday afternoon after Papaw arrived to help us move.

The move is on notice the little red rocker, it was mine as a child! I love my rocking chair.

I have just a couple of before and after photos to share. Now keep in mind we are just now in the house and I have a few more pieces of furniture to buy. My bedroom suite is being delivered tomorrow and an Interior Designer is coming out with it to see what else they may can help me with. I think I'm going to ask her to help me with a table for the foyer, end tables and coffee table for the family room for now. The rest will have to wait a little while. I love this furniture store!

Foyer lights and paint before and after

Family room before and after sorry I don't have my wooden blinds hung yet so I didn't take a shot of the windows. 

We didn't do anything to the dining room/kitchen for now because a MAJOR makeover is coming soon but here is my furniture and my china cabinet is on the left side unseen.

There will be more photos coming as we unpack and get everything moved around so please keep in touch!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Ok friends, we have been in the hills the last few days cleaning so we can move. We came back to the farm last night and this morning Honey and I went to Lowe's and bought let's see, a rug to go under the dining room table, throw pillows for the sofa (these were on clearance), filters for the ice maker, wooden blinds for our bedroom and the family room among many other small items. Let's just say Lowe's was glad to see us coming. I am so excited about my new purchases and hope everything goes together as I think it will.

I have two rugs that I will be using in the grand-kids bedroom and the family room. I was excited to see that the bedspread I ordered for the grand-kids bed and rug I already have are going to match perfectly. Search for throw rugs

All of my throw pillows are worn out so I've been looking for some to help bring my family room and dining room together. These will be a perfect addition to my room I bought two solid color ones in ivory and dk. brown and a multi color stripe. I'll be buying more in the future as I find others I like. Search for throw pillows for sofa

Honey wanted to use white blinds since all our trim is white and I wanted to use pine . So we brought home one of each we'll decide on the colors then return to Lowe's buy more and have them cut to fit. 

We are sooo excited about our move to a new house in a new community with new friends but I am so tired and will be glad when I can slow down a little. After a breath of fresh air I'll be ready to entertain our family and friends in our new home!

While away I ate a great strawberry and spinach salad with grilled chicken. I am always happy to find something else I can eat on the road gluten-free.

Punkin and I picked up a new gallon tea picture. I like pictures with lids on them in my frig and they are hard to fine. I have some really nice glass pictures that I use for serving so this $4 picture will work fine for storage.

Happy Independence Day friends. Let us never forget what others sacrifice so that we may be free.