Monday, July 5, 2010

We're Home,

While many of you celebrated Independence Day on Monday we moved. I am so glad that everything is in place, well everything we had to move the rest will be delivered soon. I've been cleaning and unpacked a few things but I have a lot of unpacking left to do. I'm estimating that I will be unpacked in about a week.

The men have gone roaming and I decided to rest and writing a blog, don't know if I'll get finished but this is the beginning. As soon as my hands return I have found a few things that were placed in the wrong room, ha ha they just think they are through! I bet we all sleep well tonight, I could go to bed right now!

So here are a few photos to share!

We celebrated our Independence on Sunday afternoon after Papaw arrived to help us move.

The move is on notice the little red rocker, it was mine as a child! I love my rocking chair.

I have just a couple of before and after photos to share. Now keep in mind we are just now in the house and I have a few more pieces of furniture to buy. My bedroom suite is being delivered tomorrow and an Interior Designer is coming out with it to see what else they may can help me with. I think I'm going to ask her to help me with a table for the foyer, end tables and coffee table for the family room for now. The rest will have to wait a little while. I love this furniture store!

Foyer lights and paint before and after

Family room before and after sorry I don't have my wooden blinds hung yet so I didn't take a shot of the windows. 

We didn't do anything to the dining room/kitchen for now because a MAJOR makeover is coming soon but here is my furniture and my china cabinet is on the left side unseen.

There will be more photos coming as we unpack and get everything moved around so please keep in touch!!!!


Julianna said...

i LOVE your floor!! The house looks beautiful!