Friday, July 9, 2010

Walk with me through town!

It's been a fun, busy week. I will be unpacking for quiet a while but I took a break to be with some of my favorite people this week. It rained at the farm so B and A brought punkin to see us for a couple of days. When they called and said they were coming I took a quick inventory to see what I HAD to unpack and realized that I could make it maybe not as comfortable as in the past but I could make it just the same. I used my swiffter vac and ran over the new floors then I moped the old ones. I even had time to lay down and rest before they arrived although it didn't work out due to the phone ringing and thunder. Yes, we've had a small rain here everyday this week and I am thankful because my grass needs it plus my Dad had brought me a rose bush and set it out for me.

I don't have any photos except for a few of pumpkin, of course. Now I could kick myself but then I just didn't think about photos.

Walk with me through town:

Wednesday night we went to eat at Delta Bistro.
Honey and I had never been and I was wanting to go so we went with the kids. The food was different as you can tell on the menu but it was VERY GOOD. We really enjoyed it and I hope to go back in the future, it was a cultural experience.

Thursday morning after Pumpkin slept in and took her nap we went to K K's for lunch. A had eaten there with Farm Bureau in the past and said it was good so she took me to try it out. The food was really good again, another hit in town.

After K K's we visited Sweet Pea's a children's clothing store. We were looking for Punkin a specific size for the future and didn't find anything but we enjoyed browsing just the same.

Then we visited Turn Row Book Company
and found tons of things we could have bought but we refrained just the same. At this point A and I were so proud of ourselves because we went planning on buying.

Then we stopped by Fincher's a top of the line gift company and boy oh boy. I did good though I only bought one thing and it was on clearance. I will be returning there in the future.

After Fincher's we visited The Mississippi Gift Company
I love, love, love this store and had to buy a bottle of sauce that I always put in my stir fry.

we did the most important deal of the day, the kids went with us to pick out a washer and dryer at J. D. Lanham Supply Co. While there doing business A ran over to The Alluvian Spa for a manicure. Me and the guys took Punkin home for a nap but ten minutes after we got home they delivered my washer and dryer, talk about service!

That night we ate at the famous Lost Pizza company
in Indianola, well they ate I had a small salad then Punkin and I went to Wal-mart.

I took them to my favorite furniture store.
I still have a few pieces I want and need and the kids wanted to see the store that I had told them about.

A and I have many more places that we want to shop and eat at so during harvest we are planning another visit. And may I add that I didn't not get glutened one time. I explained my problem and they were very cordial in helping me even when I ordered a salad with croutons at Lost Pizza Company and had to send it back.

After this they had to return to the farm and we had to get back to work in the hills! We plan to go down and pick up a few more things from the farm soon so I'll see them then.

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Photos of Punkin:
I like Gammy's new bed.

I love Gammy's rocking chair but I think it's silly to just sit there so I stand a bit. They finally took it away from me. :(

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