Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Ok friends, we have been in the hills the last few days cleaning so we can move. We came back to the farm last night and this morning Honey and I went to Lowe's and bought let's see, a rug to go under the dining room table, throw pillows for the sofa (these were on clearance), filters for the ice maker, wooden blinds for our bedroom and the family room among many other small items. Let's just say Lowe's was glad to see us coming. I am so excited about my new purchases and hope everything goes together as I think it will.

I have two rugs that I will be using in the grand-kids bedroom and the family room. I was excited to see that the bedspread I ordered for the grand-kids bed and rug I already have are going to match perfectly. Search for throw rugs

All of my throw pillows are worn out so I've been looking for some to help bring my family room and dining room together. These will be a perfect addition to my room I bought two solid color ones in ivory and dk. brown and a multi color stripe. I'll be buying more in the future as I find others I like. Search for throw pillows for sofa

Honey wanted to use white blinds since all our trim is white and I wanted to use pine . So we brought home one of each we'll decide on the colors then return to Lowe's buy more and have them cut to fit. 

We are sooo excited about our move to a new house in a new community with new friends but I am so tired and will be glad when I can slow down a little. After a breath of fresh air I'll be ready to entertain our family and friends in our new home!

While away I ate a great strawberry and spinach salad with grilled chicken. I am always happy to find something else I can eat on the road gluten-free.

Punkin and I picked up a new gallon tea picture. I like pictures with lids on them in my frig and they are hard to fine. I have some really nice glass pictures that I use for serving so this $4 picture will work fine for storage.

Happy Independence Day friends. Let us never forget what others sacrifice so that we may be free.