Monday, March 1, 2010

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

We arrived in Indiana safe and sound although it was late at night so we slipped in the house and tried not to wake up anyone. I hated the idea of not seeing my kids until the next morning but it was way too late for them.

Joshua is so much bigger than since we saw him last but we have each been getting in some loving time.

Josh watching cartoons or the colors changing on the TV?

His favorite place to sleep, his swing. He spends hours swinging, he'll wake up look around and go right back to sleep. Thank the Lord for swings! Notice his little mohawk, it's a natural not man made!

Emma with her new puppy.

After supper the girls each took a turn holding brother. 

Emma holding him and watching cartoons. He had about had enough.

We'll blog again later, keep Mary in your prayers she has her surgical  procedure in the morning. Pepaw and I will be in charge of all the children!


ashia said...

i like the new background!