Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Does pollen just attack girls?

Is the pollen going to kill us or just make us think we're dying? The girls in our family have been sick for months with something like a cold, but I really think it's mostly allergies, and the men haven't been sick one time. Maybe it's because the Lord knows the men need to keep on working. Ash and I took Punkin back to the doctor yesterday for the third time with this stuff. They did blood work and she does have a virus but the doctor said he too believes a lot of it is allergies. I was feeling fine and today my head is killing me.

Austin on the ride home after her blood work, she was such a big girl she didn't cry at all but her eyes sure got big.

On our way to the closing for our new house that we will soon make a home.

After we signed the papers we went to check out the farm. When I noticed how green our grass is I thought about the old song, "The Green Green Grass of Home."

Always work to get done.

Resting while waiting on Honey to finish his work, it's been a long day, but praise God for all He did! Honey brought me home then he returned to work some more while I work on packing up and getting ready to move.