Saturday, April 3, 2010

Up Calvary's Mountain

My Easter Greeting to you!

by Sara McGinty
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Up Calvary's mountain one dreary morn,
Trudged Christ our Savior weary and worn.
They came to the mount, the place of the skull.
It was there Jesus paid our debt in full.
As He hung on the cross and died a cruel death,
He said, "Father, forgive them,"
and with a fleeting breath, it was finished.
As Jesus gave up his ghost
A victor's song was sung by a heavenly host.
Jesus was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb
But the grave couldn't hold Him, there was no room.

He arose, He arose, let's praise His name.
He loves us so; we're the reason He came.
Salvation is free, it is a gift from above.
God gave us His son because of His love.
He bought us, redeemed us and set us free,
As He gave His life there on Calvary.