Saturday, April 24, 2010

Review of Amy's Teriyaki and Tofu Bowl and Walden Farms Caramel Dip

I've been busy unpacking and getting things just like I want them in my kitchen. I know God cares about the small stuff in our lives and this is just one more example. My Aunt gave me this bowl set years ago right after I came back from Guatemala after my commenting that I really liked them. Thanks BaBobs.

You see fifteen years ago to be exact I was the counselor at a church camp. The theme was "The Fruits of the Spirit" and I don't know why but I decided at that time that one day I wanted a kitchen all decorated in Apples. After I married Steve I saw some Apple kitchen stuff at Cracker Barrel and mentioned how much I loved it and Steve bought everything we could find in it. What we couldn't find I had my family looking for and my children bought me a few pieces. It is still packed up but maybe I'll unpack it soon and show you photos. I realized at that time that the bowls from my Aunt would match the other perfectly. Now God blesses me with a house that the kitchen is already done in this same color scheme. We've decided to leave it exactly as it is for a while and if we decide that the cranberry walls are a little much we can change it later. We have plans to remodel the kitchen in the near future but for now it is perfect!

Today I went and checked out another store, a small store just inside the Leflore county line. Having to eat a special diet I love shopping at small stores and seeing what type treasures I can find. This is one of the treasures that I picked up today.
I've had other Walden Farms products in the past, some I loved and some not so much. We this one would be in the not so much category, but I have plans for it. What do you think about using it in a cake? I can't stand to be wasteful!

After shopping for a while I was starving and had called Steve who said that due to the bad weather supposedly heading our way was working through lunch. I"m not a big fan of going out to eat on my own so I started planning what I could eat at the house. I thought about I had bought a few "Amy's" entrees for such a time as this so it was time to get one out and try it.  So I chose
with Tofo. It was really good, I mean homemade would have been better but since I haven't moved my pots and pans yet it was a good quick little meal for me. Now I'm full and tired I think it may be nap time.

One of the hardest parts of moving, being a Celiac, will be the local restaurants. We visited the "Peppercorn Grill" Friday night. It was very good and the waitresses seemed concern with my gluten problem. They told me that when I came back they would remember me and I wouldn't have to worry! I'm afraid that they need a lot more education as I've been sick all day today! But it was so good I hate to give up immediately when I get my strength back maybe we'll go and I'll talk to them in more detail.

Our weather here has been awful, thank the Lord Honey and I made it back to Macon safely this afternoon to get clean cloths and prepare to stay in Greenwood most of the next week. We didn't expect to get the rain that we received on both farms so next week we'll be out of the field and in the house. The house work is going really slow but we do plan to hire some help soon.

My problem with projects like this is I'm too much of a perfectionist. It takes me forever to do anything because it has to be perfect. We started working on the garage and Steve asked me to paint the window facings so the he could start rolling. After the weather got so bad we decided to leave the rolling for another day.
Maybe soon we'll get the garage done and can start on the inside.