Saturday, April 10, 2010

I really think I've found a little piece of heaven.

Honey and I spent Friday and Saturday working on the new house. Everyone wants to see what it looks like so I thought I would post a few before and after photos.



We like adding the mulch and maybe planting a rose bush in another part of the yard. This shows the very front of the house, I didn't feel you would want a tour of my trees.

Here's a few trees I'll share.

I've always wanted a magnolia tree and now I have one, although Honey says that I'll never live to see it big and beautiful. Oh well God has blessed me with a small taste of owning a magnolia tree.

We have several of these but this is a hug one that is outside our breezeway in front of the garage.

Now that you have seen a lot of Honey's hard work I'll show you just a taste of mine. After all who wants to see a women mop the floor and scrub toilets, right?

A small part of the kitchen I have scrubbed, I thought I was through and while we were eating breakfast Saturday morning I realized that I have not cleaned the oven. Oh well I'm working on all floors today so I'll get the oven next time around.

My new best friend. Jan had told me about this several months or maybe a year ago but I never made the investment. It's one of those things that sounded too good to be true. But guess what ladies? IT IS WONDERFUL! If you have not bought one for yourself and you have any type of smooth surface flooring QUICKLY go get one! I don't know how I have made it without this wonderful woman's tool.
Click HERE to check it out!
I really think I've found a little piece of heaven. We stayed in our new home, camping out style, Friday night and it was extremely quiet, peaceful and dark. I loved it!

That'll have to do ya, we're returning to Macon soon to attend a wedding.


Liesa said...

I'm so happy for you! That is how I feel about our home and yard. We had lived in a parsonage for 5 years, then, last year, we moved to a small rent house until we could find what we wanted to buy. I'm estatic to have a yard to plant things in, etc. I plan on bloggin on it very soon. We've worked in the yard today, so I took pics as we went. Have a blessed weekend. Share more pic's of the inside! Once again, congratulations!

The Petersons said...

Yalls house is PRECIOUS!!! I know you will love it! We're still hunting! Hopefully it won't take too much longer! Moving is so exciting, but so very hectic! Congrats on the adorable house and good luck with the rest of the move!

Tina Ferrell said...

Thanks for posting the picture of your house. It is wonderful! I love the front porch! Keep posting pictures!