Friday, April 30, 2010

Just when I start making progress...............

Ok, here it is, I finished painting my little room yesterday. I was tired and sore but pumped because i knew that I could do it. I had great plans for today and this morning at one I woke up with a VERY BAD sinus headache. I took my usual medicine and laid down with a heating pad (my daughter made, thanks Sarah) on my head. About thirty minutes later I had to get up and reheat the pad, about thirty minutes after that I had to get up and heat my pad again but this time I took a migraine pill because what started off sinus was not a full blown migraine. I tried to wake up Honey but he only mumbled. I could just see me having to go to the emergency room in a new town where I am not familiar with doctors right by myself. If anyone reading this blog lives in Greenwood or any surrounding area you may should give me references to a good after hours clinic or emergency room just in case I ever need one, and if I do I hope Honey responds with more than just a grunt.

Needless to say today I have NOT been outside, I thought it was too good to be true that I could stay outside in the hills and not get sick. And all this had to happen just when I started making progress.

Honey and I went to eat at Peppercorn Grill again tonight. This time  I only ordered a baked potato with grilled chicken on top. I asked that they leave all seasoning off the chicken except for salt and pepper. It was sooo good, I pray they listened.

After we ate we decided to ride around Carrollton, since it was still daylight we're always late going through there. We were amazed by the old homes that have been restored you can look at them yourself HERE! We went by Carroll Academy just to see what it was like and as we rounded a curve we saw this house. I was taken by it and I'm dying to know the history but for now this is all I have.
If you know anything about this little one room house leave me a comment. By the way, yes it's blurred Honey decided that he was in a hurry and let the truck roll before I was done. I took it over but he did it again.

That'll have to do you. I hope to have a better night tonight and that I can get something done tomorrow.