Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We're working hard but where is the progress?

Honey and I worked around the farm Monday and then headed to the hills!

Honey gave the bushes on the farm a nice haircut! Now I know you are thinking that they look awful but they were so big that they covered the house. We'll see if they grow out of this one.

When we got in the hills we had to run to the flat land and take care of a piece of equipment. Finally we were able to resume our painting in the garage, remember we left it last week because of the storm. Well to make a long story short we've decided that we definitely need to hire someone for the inside of the house! :( We are not real good at painting and oh boy we are slow, so we have someone coming to meet with us tomorrow. If he doesn't work out we're going to take bids and see what happens, I do want to move in this place!

Have you tried these? Man oh man I like them. The last time I placed a gluten-free order they were out of my crackers so I've been using these instead. Try them!

I just got ready to go out to dinner with my hero and notice I am sporting my daughter (Sarah's) jewelry if you haven't checked out her page you can do so HERE! Hurry time is slipping by.......

Got to run, thanks for stopping by and do so again sometimes!