Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring and Clean

I was in Greenwood Friday and over the weekend cleaning some more. I think everything is as clean as possible until we paint and lay the new flooring. Steve is busy in the field but the next rain we plan to begin the major jobs or at least hire someone.

This time I remembered to clean the oven. I also took a load of kitchen items and place them in the kitchen. I love unpacking a little at a time rather than tons of boxes all at one time. This way when I decide to change the location of something there's not so much to move and believe me I do that regularly.

To share some more photos, remember the main photos of the new house will come as we get the room ready to move into.

My cup collection is all packed up but I have not taken it over yet, it was in the china cabinet and I haven't decided whether I'm going to put it back there or not. By the way the china cabinet is still in Macon.

Lots of packing going on!!

Added to the kitchen counter this week.

I took at break and walked through the yard a few times.

I have three roses blooming here in Macon a far cry from the ten bushes that I had until the plane sprayed them. This is one thing I will not miss about living on a farm my roses will only die by an act of nature. Honey picked this one and brought it in to me last night.

So how do you eat gluten-free while traveling between two houses all the time. Right now it's really hard but I'm trying to get my kitchen over there workable. When I return to the farm I am still able to cook. I'm dividing all the dishes, cookware etc so that I can cook at both places eventually.

That'll have to do ya for this time!