Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Colors of choice

Steve and I are enjoying spending time planning and brain storming on how we want to paint and decorate our new home.

Here are a few of our plans that I thought I would share with you. Let me know what you think and give me new ideas. If you are currently using any of these colors PLEASE share with me the pros and cons.

Sand Dollar
We've chose this color for our entryway and all hallways

Sands of Time
This will be our family room and a guest room.

This will be the powder room.

I think the colors will go together great! I'm excited.

Golden Fleece
This will be the master bedroom.

Bosc Pear
This will be the master bath.

 These will look great too, I plan to finish out the bedroom in a dark red and coffee with black accents. Then I plan to use only black and white photos on the wall.

Clary Sage
This will be a guest room and bath.

 And it will be accented with pink, yellow, blue and lavender but not these exact shades this is as close as I could find. I'm using the same spread etc that I already have on hand.

Extra White 
  For all trim.

All color samples were taken from Sherwin - Williams

That'll have to do ya for now. I've got to get busy.......