Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rock Your Body?

We've been here working a couple of days, everything seemed to be going pretty fast until the ground dried up. I know the farming has to get done but it sure is hard for me to accomplish much painting alone! I worked all afternoon yesterday and feel like I accomplished little.

I offered to paint the breezeway alone. Now why I did that I'll never know. First of all I didn't look around, yes it's a small room but it has a lot things that stand in your way. This is a photo of the window that I started on.

This is the finished product. I then began the trim around the ceiling, what a job. I mean it's not hard but when you stand 5' it's a challenge. I did good until I realized that I had something blocking my way from putting my ladder close to the wall. 

And here it is, I couldn't figure out how to get my painters ladder past the steps? So I just skipped part of the trim for Honey to do later!

And I began on the door. It was a easy job AFTER I taped up all the windows. How slow can you go? Pretty dead gum slow!

This is the finished product, now the spot on the lower left hand side is the sunlight reflecting on my bright white door. Don't want you to think I messed up that bad. I stopped and cleaned up everything around 6pm. I have to be honest I was worn out. This old body just ain't what it use to be.

This morning I can feel every pain well! I was searching for a good radio station and "Rock Your Body" came on, is that a message for me?

Better get up from here, put my coffee cup away and go to painting!

That'll have to do you for now.