Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Runaway Roller,

As the story goes, after lunch today I began painting my kitchen pantry. When I signed up for this job I thought that we could pull all the shelves out and I could paint them and the inside wall and then I would be finished. NOT SO!!! Some of the shelves came out but three would not so I had to use a brush and paint all of them, around them plus a lot of the wall because there was no room for a roller. Honey, gave me a roller to use on what I could, I started painting and the roller scoots right off my paint thingy down a cereal box and then rolled across the floor. After I cleaned up the mess I went out and told Honey to come get his roller and I never wanted to see it again. Well Honey, in all his superior wisdom, didn't want to waste the paint so he squeezed the paint out of the roller onto one shelf in the pantry. There was sooo much paint that it ran off the shelf onto the floor below.  After he was through, I just glared at him I couldn't believe it with my own eyes, he turns carrying my runaway roller and walks out and leaves me with all the mess. When I went out later to take him some soap he says, "by the way honey I know why that roller had so much paint in it and wouldn't cooperate,  it was meant for the power painter!" I just turned, in all my superior wisdom, and walked back inside. So a little piece of advice, if your roller runs away place it in a plastic bag and throw it in the garbage, don't let your Honey get it! We're having a marvelous time!

When we leave the hills we always head out to Be and Ash's. We want to see them but we're there for kisses from Punkin and sometimes we have to wait until she wakes up. Saturday and Monday we spent a little time with them and here is what we found.
 She is growing so fast we see changes every time we go back to the farm.

 Our farm in the flat lands is looking good. Here is a preview of what's going on.

Honey hopes to plant more beans this week! We are thankful everything looks great so far.

My crop, it's a small one this year! That'll have to do ya I've got to get in there and see if I can finish that pantry!