Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bring the Rain

How are things going with you? I've been busy this week packing and spending time with my kids, well the ones who live close. My packing is going really slow. Probably because I won't just throw it in a box I have to go through everything clean out some and organize the other. Will I EVER get through?

Today Ash and I ran to Columbus to take care of some business and while we were there the bottom fell out (if you're not from the south, it started raining real hard). We only had a few stops to make and didn't have to get Punkin out except for twice so it wasn't bad just inconvenient. We are back on the farm now and it is thundering and there are dark clouds overhead. I really don't like storms but I guess we'll always have them. When it rains I can't help but think of the song by MercyMe, "Bring The Rain".

Honey has been in the hills and flat land. He's on his way to the farm now so he'll probably put me to working for real but I'm glad we'll be together again. We've decided that it would be best if I stay out of the hills while they are working on our house, due to the dust and paint fumes! 

Punkin is getting so big and never stays still. This is her climbing on my laptop case, she tries to get the laptop but I won't let her so I guess she thinks this is the next best thing. She will climb over it and sometimes fall off but keeps trying until I put it away.

She was so funny at "Mi Hacienda" today Ash had a hard time feeding her because she kept watching the baby next to us and soccer on TV.

By the time we got to the Honda place she was tired of this seat and sleepy too. I  needed to stop at Hallmark and Ashia looked over to get her and she was asleep so we drove on leaving Hallmark for a later date.
Yay I won again!
Remember the mixes that I won a few weeks back. If not go and read my blog "Yay I WON". Well recently I won something else. I have made many new friends on Gluten-Free Faces and one of them is Elaine. She gave away this button and I was the winner. If you are offended by this button I can tell that you do not know anything about Celiac Disease! When we get glutened we have to practically live in the bathroom. Did my Mom ever visit in your home? Think about it where did she go many times after eating her meal? It's because she was not eating correctly, a lot of this could have been prevented had she have known. Because of what my Mother went through I'm not afraid to speak out strongly so that maybe someone else can be helped before it is too late!

That'll have to do you for today I've still got work to do!


Wendy said...

Hi Grace,
We are friends on Gluten Free Faces, and I was just checking out your blog. It's cute.
I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now that you may be interested in, it's for Jo-sef's Gluten Free cookies.
Come by and check it out. With all those kids around I figure you can use them! : )