Monday, March 22, 2010

Cure for Cold Sores

I have not blogged in a while have been sick with something like a sinus infection and it has taken a while to get over it.

Ash, Punkin and I just returned from Jackson where we attended the wedding of one of my nieces. I love weddings, the brides are always beautiful and it is such a happy occasion.

Punkin did great, she was taken completely out of her environment and off her schedule but she hung in there and made the best of it.  My Dad was able to carry her around his home church and show her off; you should have seen it he is a little bit proud of that baby girl. She is growing up so fast, I look to receive a call from Ash any day now that she is crawling.

We'll be going back to Jackson next weekend to celebrate Dad's 70th birthday. 

Punkin trying to crawl!

Ok, I need your help. I was feeling well enough to go with Ash but Thursday I had a fever blister to break out on my upper lip, nothing you could not cover it up with lipstick. Then Friday night I was washing my face and noticed three small blisters on my nose. Oh, NO I knew what this was, I tried to back out of going anywhere but Ash promised me that with my makeup they did not look bad. I'm sorry if you so me and thought I was absolutely gross looking. What do you do for fever blisters? I've been told to take Lysine so I'm doing that now. My allergy Doctor told me that fever blisters are a break down of the immune system and it's true just about every time I have them I end up sick. UGGG.

So please comment and tell me how you treat your cold sores.

New clue for what is going on in our life at this time....


FornoLoLo said...

I suffer from cold sores as well and since I've tried only eating G-free foods I have been breaking out with them a lot less almost none at all. L-Lysine works great, I take one every day for good measure and when I have a cold sore I take more to catch it in its tracks. L-lysine in combination with a prescription drug from your doctor will really help to knock them out. Just be careful, I had one gluten filled pancake paired with stress and minimal sleep and WHAMO a cold sore. Bummer. Good luck!