Friday, March 26, 2010

An Afternoon with Austin

I watched Punkin for Ash to go paint her bunny plate (watch Ashia's blog here to read more about it) yesterday. We had a good time and stayed very busy. Here are photos of our time together.

We crawled a little. I guess it would classify as crawling it is a scoot, a hop, and a lay down to rest. My kind of crawling! :)

We had lunch and boy was it good. We ate every bite and then a little milk to wash it down.

Ahhh that was soo good!

I'm full Gammy, why are you taking more photos?

A little play time!

I'm so tired. She laid down to rest after her Gammy crawl and I put the blanket over her. It didn't last long but I was hoping!

A little cartoon time. Not again Gammy!

She has this new thing going on with her mouth no sound involved.

Kisses time!

Then it was snack time, mmmm I love these cookies!

We're on the road now to Dad's so tune in later for photos from his big event!

Thank you for dropping by and please come again soon!