Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Feeling More Like a Grandma Everyday!!!

It has been so hard to find time to blog lately. Ashia and I just returned from Jackson where she finished the last of her baby registry. She registered at Wal-mart and Babies"R"US. The baby showers will start soon and we are excited, to say the least. In the meantime I have been shopping for our baby in Indiana. I have bought a lot of diapers so far, more will be purchased as soon as we know the sex. I just feel it is a boy and you don't know how many times I have almost purchased something for a boy, but I have been a good grandma and waited, as of now can't promise what I may buy on my trip!

This photo is of Sydney resting on baby Austin on the way to Jackson. While we were gone Sydney got to meet Sam and I think she's going to be just fine. I was holding him and she started jumping up even with his body so I went and set on the sofa where she could see him. She sniffed him all over and then jumped down and went her merry way. Maybe it will be the same with Austin when she arrives.

Ashia recently colored and cut my hair. I love it, it is so easy and cool, which means a lot with this hot weather we have. Also with shorter hair I don't look so much a grandma although I feel more like one everyday!

I went to my Gastroenterologist, today the opening of my stomach has blocked off again so they will do the procedure to open it back up on July 27. At this time I feel awful and can hardly eat, although I am trying to embrace this time because I have lost a few much needed pounds. After it is over I will feel so much better and for now I have to eat small meals during the day and drink something nutritious at night.

Another exciting thing in my life, Steve and I are praying we can leave on Wednesday for a much needed vacation. We have not been anywhere apart from a quick trip to see our kids in four years. Steve had told me that as soon as it rained we would go somewhere. I saw a rain passing through the Delta on TV this morning but figured it had missed us, as it always seems to, but when I arrived to pick up Ashia for our Doctor appointments Ben said that it was raining in the Delta and his Dad was coming home. I still didn't think about taking a trip as farmers NEVER get their hopes up, but Steve called and asked how soon I could leave. I can't explain to you the excitement I felt and still feel. I will be spending the next few hours packing and getting ready to go!!! In the midst of it I need to think about traveling "Gracefully Gluten-Free"!

Oh, one more thing. I made gluten-free sandwich bread with my bread machine last night and it did fine. I guess as stated in an earlier blog I did jump the gun and I'm thankful for that.


Julianna said...

your hair looks so cute! (: