Sunday, July 19, 2009

These Are Special Times

Click on photos to get an enlarged view!

On our way to Indiana to visit our girls and George and Mary! I read and played on the internet while Steve conducted business.

We had to see the changes to the house since our last visit. Alayna has a Princess bedroom and it is sooo cute!

They live in a great neighborhood and the girls enjoy riding their bikes whenever they can. The weather was great so we spent some time outside each day.

We went to Newport Kentucky and ate lunch at a German restaurant. The food and company was wonderful!

The girls really enjoyed our visit to the Aquarium in Newport. We have many photos of them monkeying around.

View from the aquarium.

Emma almost to get ate by a dinosaur looking creature.

Alayna touching the shark on the wall.

Both girls enjoyed the octopus!

The alligator didn't scare them!

They set on the frogs!

We all fed the birds in the rain forest. At one time Steve had three birds on him, when he was able to coax them to get off we left in a hurry!

I was always taking photos of others and Steve insisted that he take one of me while in the rain forest.

I had to include a photo of one of the catfish!

Checking out the sharks, this was the real thing, kind of intimidating!

Emma in front of the penguins.

In front of the jellyfish, they love each other.

Eating ice cream after our aquarium tour.

Our time with our kids is over but we smile and look forward to being together as soon as possible!