Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mississippi Delta Sweet Corn

I'm so thankful that our son and daughter live close by and were able to be with Steve on Father's Day, I was home in bed. Yes, another migraine! I went swimming and out to eat the night before and looking back it could have been several things that caused the headache. At the restaurant we ate at I sent my steak back because they had put bread on my plate and they said that I got a new steak. Now I wonder if maybe they just took the bread off and served it to me anyway. Also there is corn pollinating all around the house that we swam at so that could have been my problem. When I got home that night I took my usual Benadryl and went to bed. I take one Benadryl every night to help me with my allergies the next day. I woke up at 1am with a sinus headache so I got up and took some Advil and returned to bed. (Always a mistake!) By 4am I was up and thought I would die. I took my pillow to the recliner, heated my sinus pad (thanks again Sarah) and tried to rest a while. It didn't work so I got up and took 1-Excedrin migraine and headed back to the recliner. Around 6 I gave up, got up and took a relpax. After napping I finally got over it and was able to fry fish and fries for Steve that night, gluten-free of course and it was great.

Steve left on Monday afternoon to return to the Delta and I followed on Tuesday morning.

I had a short stay in the Delta this time but it was different as Don and Jan (Steve's cousins) came for the day on Wednesday and we ate at my favorite restaurant "Crystal Grill". I am always pleased with the food there, a lot for your money!

We bought this sweet corn while in the Delta, we were told that many people don't like it because it is too sweet so we had to buy some to try. I can't imagine Sweet Corn that is too sweet and I was sooo correct. It is wonderful, it is some sweeter than the type we raise here in Macon but to tell you the truth I like it better. I ate my share and promised to eat more in the NEAR future!!!!

I am home now with Sydney again. Ben and Ashia are working at a golf tournament in Jackson and will return home later on. I have spent some of my time cleaning house since no one was here but Syd and I. Syd has done well but anytime I open my bedroom door she runs in searching the room over for her favorite person (Steve)!

Steve got in LATE Friday night. Syd goes to bed from 9 to 10 but I tried keeping her up. When Steve drove in she knew the truck, she had a fit and was up for a while playing. Steve sat down to eat and the photo above shows her sitting on his leg watching him. I know she was begging for food but she doesn't leave his side when he's home.

Syd playing with Steve, she waisted no time. She usually sleeps late but not today she got up early and started kissing Steve on the ear etc until he got up too. She was ready for some playing time. I tell you this dog is too smart.

I hope to cook more soon and share my experience with you. We travel so much these days that there's no time for a lot of cooking and to tell you the truth it's just too hot. I did bake a roast to go with the sweet corn last night and now I have to think of something to go with it tonight. UMM maybe a simple green salad!