Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who Am I To Judge?

Sitting at my computer in the Delta. I'll be there again soon!

Good Food Doesn't have to be Difficult!!!!

My last blog talked about finding gluten-free ingredients in Wal-mart. The items bought were put to good use!

Spaghetti and salad with Gluten-Free brownies for dessert (I used a package mix from Gluten free Pantry and they were great)

My favorite lunch, Gluten-Free Pantry bread, made into a BLT with Salad greens.

My birthday was Friday, June 5th. On Wednesday I had received a call from my Dad that one of his aunts, who was like a grand-mother to me, was really low and they did not give her but a couple of days to live. On Friday night I had a friend and Ben and Ashia (our children) over to grilled out. The neat thing about my birthday is that it is also Ben's birthday so we like to do special things together. After supper we were talking about my aunt and I made the remark if she'll only hold on my birthday will be over. Not 30 minutes after I made this statement my cell-phone rung and I knew because of the ring tone it was my Dad to tell me my aunt had passed away. So I guess you are thinking these things happen, so get over it. Sometimes I think these things happen more often to me. I had a grandfather who died the day before my birthday, another grandfather died on my birthday and my aunt died on my birthday; now this great aunt makes the fourth death of a family member on or very close to my birthday.

I am sad as I write this; the thing that bothers me most is possibly my Aunt did not go to heaven. She was a sad bitter woman due to the tough life she had lived. Many times we talked to her about the Lord but she always became very irate and told us that we had never gone through what she had and she didn't want to hear it. You see my Aunt went blind at a young age after this she became a recluse and only went outside her house to go to the doctor. Years later her house burnt down and they lost everything. My Uncle was thankful that they had each other, but my aunt felt that God had let her down. Seven years ago my uncle was found dead working in his garden and once more my aunt felt God was against her and she became extremely bitter and mad at God. As I go to attend the funeral I can only pray that her heart was right, there is no way to know what she has been thinking or feeling these last few weeks of her life. Who am I to judge??

In cooking Gluten-free here are some helpful hints:
Absolute No-Nos On A Gluten-Free Diet:
Wheat is so ubiquitous in the Standard American Diet that we often forget that we are eating it. Here are a few foods that you may not realize contain wheat.
  • all-purpose flour
  • self-rising flour
  • semolina (the flour used in most pasta)
  • couscous
  • most soy sauce
  • Campbell’s Cream of ______ Soup
  • cornbread mix
  • most cold cereals (barley malt flavoring)
Until next time, you too can live Gracefully Gluten-Free!