Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fish Tacos using Rudi's Gluten Free Tortillas

Honey was out of town one night last week and I was really tired from a big day at bible school. Normally I would have chosen to eat a sandwich for supper but this night I was craving fried catfish. I don't know why it had only been  4-yrs since I had eaten any. I had just enough farm raised catfish in my freezer for one person so I decided that my craving was going to out weigh my tiredness. I fried up my fish using 

and made slaw to go with it and it was sooo good.

The next day for lunch I thought about how great my catfish was and decided to use my Rudi's plain tortillas and made fish tacos. Oh man I think I could eat these everyday of the week, they were so good. I heated the fish in my oven until it was hot and crispy once more, then I heated the tortilla put the fish on it with a little cocktail sauce over it and topped it off with the coleslaw. Now after blogging this I wish I had more fish!

Go buy some Rudi's gluten free tortillas they are fantastic!

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