Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dig A Little Deeper

Health Update:

I haven't written in a while to let you guys know what's going on with me so here we go.

Months ago I was having like three migraines a week and my daughter called and asked me a question. I'm the mother so I should be asking her questions but at this time God used her to ask me and I'm so glad He did. The question was, "Mom are you sure your skin care products, hair care products etc are gluten free"? This made me start thinking I felt desperate to try some new things and try to get over having so many headaches. So I started investigating everything I was using. I found that my shampoo, conditioner, and eye cream had wheat in them. I changed these plus went to a toothpaste that I was sure was gluten free. I have changed many of my skin and hair care products.

One thing I have eliminated totally are all Bath and Body Works products not because I found them to be bad but when asking Bath and Body Works for a list of their gluten free products they were not able to provide one. I don't know if this means that everything has gluten in it or if they are just unwilling to take the time to inform us but whatever it means I'm not willing to go there.

Another change I am making is trying not to clean with chemicals. I still have some of these products in my house and will continue to use them until they are gone but then I am going to natural cleaning products.

In taking these small steps I am feeling sooo much better. I still have allergy related headaches but I have not had a migraine since August 17, I keep a migraine journal so I know.

So if you are suppose to be gluten free for a health issue and you are still having problems just dig a little deeper! It will be worth it!

Thanks for stopping by y'all and please come again soon!