Monday, October 29, 2012

My Version of a Gluten Free Crustless Coconut Pie

When living in Guatemala I use to make this pie a lot. I had a friend there who really liked it and that was hard for me to believe because it is so simple!

When planning for a visit from my Dad I thought about it and decided to try and make a gluten free version and succeed I did. We loved it my Dad said the only problem with it was he was too full to eat more.

It is moist with a bread like base and a slightly crunchy coconut topping. Make one and see for yourself and let me know what you think.

Gluten Free Crustless Coconut Pie

4 eggs, beaten
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup GF Bisquick
1 cup milk
1 cup heavy cream
4 tablespoons butter, melted
7 ounces flaked coconut
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Mix the ingredients together in the order listed.
Bake in greased pie pan at 350 degrees F for 40 to 45 minutes.

Store leftovers in refrigerator.

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