Saturday, December 29, 2012

Have a Happy New Year

To continue with my Christmas post, the Christmas was full of sorrow and joy. Let me explain!

 Sarah and Lida at Umi's

We celebrated with our daughter Sarah while she was here by going out to a Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar for lunch and then back to our children's home in Starkville for play time, dessert and  to open gifts.

Time to take a spin

Our happy baby boy.

No, this was not her Christmas

Our photo shoot

We took our daughter Sarah to Jx for a wedding and to catch her flight for home. After she went to board her plane we left for Greenwood to prepare to return to Starkville for Christmas day.

Early Monday morning we recieved a text that our babies were sick and the kids said that they would understand if we didn't want to come to their house for Christmas. After talking the situation over Honey and I decided that we would go ahead with our plans and maybe we could help with the sick babies, at the time we didn't know it but this was a God thing. We had a fun Monday night filled with rocking sick babies and lots of cooking. We were up most of the time Monday night with the baby because of his not being able to breath and also teething.

Monday morning bright and early my Dad knocked on the door he was here for the day. We were excited that he decided to come although the babies were sick.

I played Santa Claus during the night and we were exicted to see Austin's reaction when she saw what was under the tree.

She seemed stunned when she saw the doll she had asked for, she didn't try to touch it she just stared.

Talking about the gifts while Daddy looks on.

A bag for Gammy's house

Benny Boop and his MSU football and got a cowbell too. 
He's all boy loves wheels, balls and making noise! 

Click on the photo at the bottom of the page to see lots more photos of our Christmas.

We lost two precious souls during the holiday, our lost is heavens gain!

Uncle Bob was a retired Baptist preacher who never really retired although he tried too many times. I cherish the way he led his family by example and his love for us all! He is in a better place now and he will be greatly missed!

Before lunch Christmas day our son received a phone call that he was needed in another town. His best friend had died unexpectedly, what a blow to us all. He and Ash hurried off to be with the family and I took care of dinner and the sick kids. Thank the Lord my Dad and Honey were there to help!

Chris Rushing was a special person! I can't began to list the wonderful things he has done for our family! He will always be remembered for his loving, sweet, gentle spirit and the love he has shown! I'm disappointed though that I didn't get to help set him up with the woman of his dreams, I tried a few times. Now he is in a MUCH better place with others that loved him as we did and one day we'll all be reunited once more.

Thank the Lord that we know where both of these precious souls are, it helps us to endure the sorrow we feel!!

Have a Happy New Year friends, we never know when it may be our last.

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