Monday, March 11, 2013

Rock my World,

Those who know me know how I have to PLAN everything. If I have something planned and someone wants to change my plans it really puts me into a tailspin.

I posted in my last blog how I have no kitchen at this time so I can't cook and share recipes. I guess I could take a photo of my cereal in my disposable bowl but then who wants to see that?

my kitchen

I knew when we started this project that it was bound to take a while, actually how long is awhile? We're on our eleventh day of tearing down and putting up walls and it looks to me, although I am not a carpenter, electrician or plumber, like we have a lot to go.

I had some sinus issues last week so I went to the doctor here and then went and spent a few days with my daughter. On Thursday I was beginning to feel better and had a hair appointment so that afternoon I packed up and returned home. Late afternoon I received a call that our one year old grand-baby had burnt his hand and was in the emergency room. Well that did not make this Gammy happy, I could have cried. After they got our of the ER my daughter called they were sending Bennett to a burn specialist in Jackson and she needed me to ride with her. I quickly threw a few more things in my suitcase and left again.

Leaving and heading out into the unknown was really stressful, not only did we have a hurt baby but my house looked like a tornado had hit it when I left. In moving one wall and the plumbing they had cut a 3' by 3' hole in the floor and there was a pile of dirt in my laundry room, soon to be pantry floor. Did I forget to mention I'm a perfectionist who can't stand things out of place in her house. Lord help me!
hole in the laundry room floor

After our trip to Jackson I returned home to see what progress had been made, I hated to leave my little man and baby girl but knew that I had work to do. When I got home this time the pile of dirt was concrete so that was better. Honey noticed a small leak in some of the plumbing but it didn't look like anything big. I went to wash up some of our cloths from the week and when I turned the washer on it just made this terrible noise. I asked Honey did I have water going to the washer and after checking we discovered that I didn't have hot, cold only but that would work.

Saturday night Honey told me that I had to pack up and leave my bedroom downstairs and live upstairs due to the dust being so bad and my allergies. So Sunday after church we set out to make upstairs our home. Until this time the upstairs was the only thing normal in my house and now it would no longer be normal so I had my first melt down. I cried and cried and Honey just couldn't understand, after all he was trying so hard to please me and make my home even better and here I am crying so hard that I can't tell him what was wrong. I think he took it personally that I wasn't happy with all the remodeling going on. That wasn't it at all friend I just wanted something normal in my life and looking around it doesn't seem that it will ever be normal again.

I know you too may think I'm crazy but then maybe some of you can relate to what I am saying. I have faith enough to believe that everything is going to turn out great but what about now? How do I live as normal as possible with less stress?

Last night and this morning I have spent some time with Jesus, I keep thinking maybe I've got some growing up to do so things like this don't affect me like they do. If this is the case Lord Jesus as hard as it is to say, "Rock my World" because I do want to grow up! Even as I'm writing this I feel more at peace so maybe I'm doing just what I needed putting my thoughts down on paper.

Today I set here wondering what do I do now. I still have a lot of packing up to do and Honey and I need to run to Starkville this afternoon. I haven't started picking out the appliances for my new kitchen and I hear they want to start putting in cabinets next week? What about the floors and who's going to paint the walls and on and on and on.

Thanks for stopping by y'all and please come again soon!