Sunday, March 3, 2013

You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

When we bought the house we are now living in we had plans for a major remodeling job and now almost three years have passed and we have finally started remodeling.

Last summer we had a crew come in and take down a lot of trees, I'm talking about around twenty trees and it made a major difference. I didn't realize how much sunlight was blocked from the house because of so many trees and after they were removed instantly my allergies started getting some better.

Or first project was landscaping. A crew came in and took up every tree, shrub and bushed planted around the house. They have replanted some of the old and brought in new. It looks like a different house on the outside. I think the only thing left with this job is sodding the yard.

We have a contracting ripping out windows, doors and walls in the kitchen now. No I do not have a kitchen at this time we feel like we are camping out. I have an electric toaster oven and my coffee pot and we are getting by with that. We are also leaving town now and then so that the crews can work without our standing here and watching, I'm sure they appreciate that!

The remodeling of the house is basically going to completely change the downstairs floor plan. When they are through I will have a large kitchen and pantry, new laundry room, new master bath and we are adding Steve his own closet. Not that ours isn't large enough but then we will have a his and hers I'm excited!!!!

So if you have never been to my house you'll have to visit and look at the photos of the old floor plan first you won't believe your eyes!

So I'm writing this to let you know there will not be any new recipes for sometime but look out when my kitchen is finished with my designated gluten free areas I will probably go crazy cooking. I love to cook and eating out and making do with a toaster oven is all ready getting old. Don't give up on me just wait to see what's coming!!!

Thanks for stopping by y'all and please come again soon!

Easter in your Kitchen