Saturday, February 1, 2014

eat, drink, MISSISSIPPI
I was recently contacted by the publisher of the magazine eat, drink, MISSISSIPPI and asked to be a featured blogger in their February/March issue. I told him that I was interested but asked what did it entitle?

In the past when asked to be in publications such as this they had guidelines and rules such as they would have a permanent link on my blog to promote their publication and from that moment on you could only blog about certain things. You who know me know that I blog mostly food related blogs but if I want to blog about events or family I do. I don't blog to be rich, famous or anything of the sort I do it as a ministry to my friends to help them in living a gluten free lifestyle.

So when Mrs. Carney explained to me that I only had to answer some questions and they would write the article and feature one of my recipes I decided to give it a shot and I'm so glad I did.

They wrote a nice article titled, "Health First: Grace Good Combines Southern Cooking with Gluten Free Diets".

My husband and I are really impressed with this magazine. It is great for those who enjoy our hospitality state and desire to know more about it plus receive great recipes.

Here's more information on eat, drink, MISSISSIPPI:
eat. drink. MISSISSIPPI is a food magazine dedicated to sharing Mississippi's passion for food with the world. From local chefs making their culinary mark to the many, great restaurants this state has to offer, Mississippi's hospitality shines through in the pages of this magazine. It is our desire to preserve our culinary heritage and inspire today's cooks with a new passion for cooking and eating.

This magazine was launched in December 2011 when J.J. Carney, Associate Editor of the Lawrence County Press, decided to combine her publishing expertise with her love of food and cooking. With the help of her husband, John, Publisher of the Lawrence County Press, she forages the state to bring you the best our state has to offer in the culinary arena. eat. drink. MISSISSIPPI is based in Monticello and is published by Carney Publications.

Published bi-monthly, eat. drink. MISSISSIPPI is available by subscription or for purchase at Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and at numerous consignment vendors.

I just subscribed to it and you can too! I am looking forward to transposing their recipes gluten free and sugar free!

Thanks for stopping by y'all and please come again soon!