Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two Is Better Than One

I've always believed that two is better than one. I was single for a while after moving to the US from Guatemala and I was miserable. During this time I decided that even though I had felt I never wanted to marry again I did not want to live the rest of my life alone! Thank God that he brought Steve into my life to be my soul mate and best friend. Two is better than one.

This rings true in other areas of my life also. Ashia is the only child from my first marriage and I have often wondered how it would have been if there had been other children. Through Steve God has blessed me with three others, I had always wanted four and now I have six with the son-in-laws. Again two is better than one.

At this time I have two precious granddaughters which we enjoy so much. I remember when there was only one of them there was always an adult occupied in entertaining her. We are still involved in entertaining as much as possible but when the adults are busy the girls have each other. Two is better than one.

Soon we will be blessed with two babies in our immediate family! We are so excited Ashia and Ben our youngest are having a baby in October and Mary and George our oldest are having another baby in December. As you can tell in the photo the shopping has already began. If you ask this grandma two is definitely better than one!!!

Just like everything else two chips is better than one, two servings of dessert is better than one, two dollars is better than one and preparing two of your favorite dishes is better than one.

Lloyd’s Barbeque is Gluten-Free

Recently I bought this barbeque while at our farm in Inverness to have a quick meal after a super busy day. I prepared it by making barbeque nachos, and they were great. I got this idea from the barbeque nachos that they sell at “Jake and Rips” in Granada. A few of my friends have ordered them and say they are great, I always want one so bad but they are not gluten-free so I refrain and think about how I can make my own. While in the store this week I picked up another container because I loved it soo and it is really quick and easy for a meal or just a snack. Buy some yourself and

ENJOY! Remember two is better than one!!!!