Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Bittersweet Thought

The celebrating is over what a bittersweet thought. Bitter because I can't believe a year has passed so quickly but what a SWEET year it has been! We've had two big birthday parties the last two weeks to celebrate Punkin's 1st birthday! I wouldn't have missed them for anything but I am so tired; I think it's a mixture of celebrating and allergies. Honey and Ben had the worst of it they had to work all day, shower and then travel for two hours to get there late on Saturday night but I'm sure they wouldn't have missed it for the world. The first celebration was on Sunday afternoon at the farm; it was held outside in the back yard of the camp house. The second celebration was in my hometown H'ville; in the home of my cousin sister. Since my family live so far away and we are farmers we don't get to visit with them very often so it was really special to be able to celebrate Punkin's birthday and see some of our family at the same time. not to mention the great friends who attended.

Here are a few photos to share our weekend celebration.

 On Punkin's birthday we had fun playing but after trying for literally hours we gave up on a nap. She was so tired you can see her here carrying her blanket everywhere.

Isn't the cake the cutest? My cousin made it.

After Gage tried giving me one of his jerseys I agreed to wear it to Punkin's birthday party so that we could have a photos taken. I then slipped it back to his Mom before they left. 

My Dad with our birthday girl.

First thing my cousin sister fed us lunch and it was great, thanks 
Darlenia. This is Honey and Pop after eating.

Darlenia with her newest grandchild Sam.

My cousin, Darlenia's sister Carlia with her newest grandbaby Logan.

Let the party begin, we always open gifts before we eat, in a minute you'll see why!

This girl LOVES books. This is all the photos I have of her opening gifts 
because then I switched to Ash's camera.

Punkin's personal cake

Punkin with her personal cake she had a blast.

After a good bath she was ready to go again although she sneezed for quiet a while.

Then Sydney enjoyed what was left on the floor.

Playing after the party

One of Punkin's new babies it is so cute she loves it.

Now we are back at Punkin's house and I am watching her once again
while Mom goes to church and Dad works. Notice her books crazy!

She has to take all this book stuff from the Good's I can't remember 
Ash liking books so when she was this age.

Punkin with Violet, her talking dog.

Violet even says Punkin's name

Punkin struggling to pick up Violet to go with her.

More book time notice the puzzle laying by her she really likes it too. 

Sometimes Punkin just pushes all her toys, I guess it's easier that way.

Punkin with her first ride toy, Mom set it up so that she can 
push it for now.She pushes it front ways and side ways.

Punkin will be walking any day now. She takes a few steps then stops catches her balance and takes a few more after a short while she sits down and crawls, I think it's just easier.

 It's time for Gammy to say goodbye and head home. This has been a fun weekend but I need to get some work done of my own and rest before returning to the farm.

Ok, as far as my eating gluten free. I ate great before the party, I had taken my own bread so I had a hamburger with avocado. Darlenia insisted that she open new mayonnaise etc so that I could eat some with out any cross contamination. What a blessing for us when people really care! I didn't have cake but had some of the Blue Bell ice cream and a cliff bar. After looking at my bar a while and all the cake running around my bar ended up in the garbage, it was just one of those days when a bar wouldn't do. Most of the time it doesn't bother me but after having two parties and not tasting even the icing I would have paid big bucks for some of that cake. But, hey I did survive and I will survive again. I guess this is the reason I have no patience with people on a special diet who eat what they want regardless of what damage might be done.

Now I am home washing, shopping and packing to return to the farm with Honey and help out there once again.

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ashia said...

you got some good photos. i didn't get a good one of logan at all. :( you should email dink the one of her and the zebra and she's smiling.