Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yeah I WON!!!!

I am a member of goodreads books through facebook,  where I keep a list of the books I've read and the ones I want to read. Then I have the opportunity to swap books with other member's, if I click on a book that I think I want to read and I have read it, a message comes up telling me so. I love the way this site works, I love reading and have been an avid reader all my life, therefore I can never remember what I have read. Some books I don't mind reading more than once but there is so much good stuff out there that I hate to spend all my time reading the same books over and over.

I have already swapped four of my books. I keep books that have a meaning like given by family or friends but some books I have absolutely no ties too and so therefore I love being able to swap them for something I want to read.

Goodreads have tons of book giveaways going all the time and I have signed up for several of them. Yesterday I received an e-mail that I have won!!!! I will soon be receiving

Lydia's Charm

Widowed and jobless, Lydia King moves her son and herself to Charm, Ohio, to be close to her mother and help with her grandfather. Menno Troyer, a furniture store owner, is also recently widowed and the father of four energetic boys. Levi Stutzman, another newcomer to the area, is the only one in his family not handicapped by dwarfism and has dedicated his life to caring for them. As fall colors the countryside, will anonymous gifts left for Lydia bring her hope for a new life and romance, or will another tragedy flood her with infinite despair?

 Plus I have swapped four other books, some Karen Kingsbury (my all time favorite), Francine Rivers and Mary Higgins Clark
 If you are interested here's more information:
Goodreads Bookswap lets members give away books they no longer want and request cool new books from other people. Requesting a book costs only the price of shipping and handling, and you get a free book for every 10 books you ship.

how it works

  1. You find a book you like and request it.
  2. You provide your address and payment info for shipping.
  3. The person offering the book confirms your request, prints out a shipping label, and mails the book.
  4. You get billed when the other person prints the shipping label.
  5. USPS delivers the book.
  6. You enjoy a good read.
You can find answers to questions here.

I've found with my last swaps that the more you order the cheaper it is. I ordered 1 for $3.89 but then I ordered 3 for $5!!!

So have a look, sign up and lets start reading!!!!!!